COVID-19 will make the world more automated

We all know how COVID-19 has played havoc with the lives of people, destroyed businesses, shaken up whole industries, and brought economies to a stand still. Saying that COVID-19 has shook up the entire world will be an understatement.

But life, it moves on.

While COVID-19 has presented many challenges for almost every industry, it has also presented opportunities that are waiting to be exploited by those who love to move fast, take risks and reap the profits.

One particular industry that is already seeing very fast growth is automation. With the concept of Industry 4.0 taking a centerstage over last few years, COVID-19 is literally taking it to the next level and on a path of geometric growth.

The need for social distancing and avoiding infections on one hand, and the unmitakable fear in the minds of consumers will undoubtedly lead to increased levels of automation around us. We are bound to become more dependent on machines, while automation and Artificial Intelligence will see rapid advancements over the next few years.

For better or worse, we will be seeing robots replacing humans in many industries. To survive, all of us need to adapt to this reality, the faster the better.

While automation may make many a job redundant, it is definitely helping us counter the threat posed by COVID-19. In a new world where we need to wash our hands with soap and water or sanitize hands with alcohol based sanitizers every few minutes, innovative products like sensor taps, automatic soap dispensers and automatic sanitizer dispensers have captured the imagination of people in a big way.

Thousands of organisations around the world are embracing these products to make their workplace safer for the empoyees and visitors alike.

Other innovations like automatic doors and high speed doors, which were specialised products meant for hi-end industries are fast becoming commonplace and every organisation is contemplating investing in these automation products to make sure people do not need to touch any surfaces while entering or leaving a particular room.

However, innovators and companies coming out with such automation products need to keep in mind that right now, every organisation is facing cash crunch and impending slowdown in their respective economies.

They may not find many takers for the new innovations even though they may realize the need for such products in specific and automation on a general level.

Having said that, we see it as inevitable that such automation products will definitely make inroads to our homes in the coming times. We will see them all around us. We will need to embrace automation and welcome it into our lives to safeguard ourselves and our loved ones against the micro intruder that COVID-19 is.