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Lyric Lab

AY ft Nyashinski – More and More There’s a lot of conflicting feelings that ‘More and More’ rouse. It’s not a sub-par song by any measure, it’s actually quite catchy,

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Celeb Chat with Dufla Diligon: “My parents have never heard any of my music.”

  People know about the origin of the name ‘Dufla’, what about ‘Diligon’? Diligon is an English name. There’s an author who used to write books a long time ago

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Nairobi Diaries: the reality TV show with zero reality

Does anybody remember how Nairobi Diaries came to be? Like a fog the show creeped up on us and choked all the oxygen out of the air. At first the

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Hot Topics of the day

US varsity offering Kanye West 14-week course Rapper Kanye West is being studied as the embodiment of black genius at Washington University. Topics on the 14-week course syllabus include “Who

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Foils and foibles of The Make America Great Again! Welcome Celebration

Barack Obama’s first inauguration took place on January 20, 2009. It was a joyous day at the United States Capitol and actually broke the attendance record for an event held

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Eating by colour: Red Foods

Who knew that colour coding food could add so many benefits to the body. We take you through the most sensitive colour on the spectrum, red. It also happens to

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3 things that happen to the body when you are on a cleanse

The word ‘cleanse’ by now has become a word that many people interested in the health world have become well versed with. This term could also go by other names

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3 things to make out of industrial pipes

You wouldn’t be hard pressed to find industrial pipes laying around constriction sites and the like. This overlooked piece of building equipment could actually prove to quite invaluable where money

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BEACHLIFE NY 17 Presented by 6AM with CIROC: The Highlights

6 am Entertainment in conjunction with Cîroc partnered to create the ultimate New Year’s party at Alliance Safari Beach in Diani. The headlining act was world renowned Swedish progressive house

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Ask Dr X: My husband has a child by another woman and she’s making me angry

  Dear Dr X, My husband of nearly 15 years recently found out that he has a 20-year-old son by his former girlfriend. He had no idea that this child