MP wants hawkers reinstated back to the city

MP wants hawkers reinstated back to the city

Starehe MP Charles Njagua has opposed the forceful eviction of hawkers from the city saying it’s against the basic human rights.

An agitated Njagua now wants the dealers reinstated back to the Central Business District (CBD) before any dialogue is held.

Further, he wants the city askaris barred from interfering, harassing, intimidating, unlawfully arresting or confiscating the hawkers’ goods or items.

“We want them (hawkers) returned to the city before can have consultation on where we will relocate them, as it is currently, livelihoods is being lost,” Njagua told a press conference at Parliament.

“The eviction should be done in orderly manner,” he added.

The MP wants the Nairobi county government and the national government to consult the hawkers’ leadership to find an amicable solution.

He, however, requested the venders operating from the City Centre to move to designated places within the city to avoid confrontation with authorities.

Njagua, who is also a celebrated musician, regretted that, if the hawkers are evicted without structured manner, crime may rise in Nairobi

 “When a person is sick he/she is taken to the hospital, when a person is mad he is taken to Mathari hospital. As an MP I don’t want to be seen fighting with the county government. I just want things to be done in an orderly and structured manner,” Mr Njagua said.

“Let the hawkers present their leaders we talk to them on this issue. We need a clean and decongested city,” he noted.

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