Life and Business Mastery – Week 31: How to start your day!

Life and Business Mastery – Week 31: How to start your day!

By Michael Flynn, Mentor

How do you Start Your Day?

Our daily rituals remind us of our identity. It is our daily repetitive behaviours or rituals that shape our expectations, activity, results and beliefs. The world is ever changing and there are two certainties in life. The first is that we will surely die. The other is that there will be change. Everything changes – our body, our business, the economy and opportunity. Doors open and doors close as we move through life. Change is automatic – progress is not.

Progress is the ultimate key to happiness in life. Whenever we have growth and something we are working towards we find happiness. Thriving in life is all about moving towards some exciting new goal, a new skill, a new sport, a new relationship. It is the prospect of growth that excites and ignites the passion in us.

Imagine setting a goal that really excites us. Imagine setting a goal that gets us up early and keeps us up late. Every person has at some stage done something they never thought they could by getting excited and making a decision to go after it, they learned some new things and applied themselves with passion and even though they may not have know they were going to do it they persisted until they made it and they achieved that goal.

Success is not about managing our pain or dragging ourselves through life. Success is about truly jumping into the day excited by new possibilities and unleashing the passion to go after something that serves others or is bigger than us and truly getting excited. Maybe you love selling things to someone, being of service in some way.

The thing that stops us is always fear. Fear of rejection, fear of failure fear of people, fear of uncertainty. But if we look at leaders and successful people they are always certain. They have decided to thrive in uncertainty. They bring certainty to uncertain situations. They focus on what they CAN control instead of what they can’t control.

If we focus on what we can’t control soon we will feel dejected, uncertain and powerless. As soon as we push negativity aside and focus on the goals that get us excited we can live in the excitement of new possibilities and gain momentum as we progress towards our dream.

Here is simple morning routine that will change your life. Break your usual habits! Start your day by focusing your mind on three things you are grateful for in life. Your children, the sunny day, simple things are the best. Then briefly jump up and down on the spot- you will be amazed how your mood will become more positive – even 5 minutes of simple exercise will change your life. Now focus on your most exciting goal and think of it as if you already have it. Imagine the feeling of actually getting the new car, the income level you crave, the new house or land.

The feeling of success you create through visualization will get you excited and propel you into passionate action to make that happen. And the more you work on your goals and get excited the progress you are making the more you will want to do more.

Imagine the first customer buying your goods in your new business! Imagine the feeling. Once you get excited, you will decide and act. If you get excited enough you will truly decide and overcome the fear. In fact the fear will become the fuel that makes you try harder.

Make a decision and take some form of action immediately. Act when the passion is high. If you don’t act when the passion is high you will cool down, get busy start answering emails and soon you put it off until later and then it doesn’t happen.

The fact is all dreams start with one small step. When the passion is high and you decide to go after what you truly want you will feel alive as you take action and step towards your goal. You are meant to thrive!

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