Morning newspapers summary February 9, 2018

Daily Nation

Bigger plan emerges in Nasa as State toughens stand
The opposition National Super Alliance is planning six rallies in the run-up to a national convention at the end of this month in response to the government’s crack down on key players in Raila Odinga’s symbolic swearing-in ceremony as the people’s president.
At the same time, Nasa plans to continue with its product boycott, on top of a new threat that it says could include “wilful disobedience of the law” this weekend.
Since the January 30 Uhuru Park event, the government has gone on an arresting spree, with Ruaraka MP Tom Kajwang’, his Makadara counterpart George Aladwa, and firebrand activist Miguna Miguna being the key targets so far.
Mr Miguna was on Tuesday evening deported to Canada.
Jimi Wanjigi wants to drive probe into obituary saga
Tender billionaire and Nasa strategist Jimi Wanjigi has told of the anguish his family went through after his photograph appeared in a death notice published in the Daily Nation on Wednesday.
The advert was placed by a man who was captured on CCTV, in what is shaping into a carefully planned operation to plant the photo with the aim of causing suffering to the businessman and at the same time embarrass the publisher, Nation Media Group.
Describing it as a “death promise”, Mr Wanjigi said: “I don’t take it lightly and I must say it was horrific what they did.”
He went on: “If you think that is a very human thing to do then really we are in a different world. Kenya right now is going through what I would like to say is a twilight zone, anything can happen to us any time.”
Security officers fight off suspected Shabaab militants
Security forces have repulsed an attack by suspected Al-Shabaab militants at Special Forces Camp in Kutulo, Wajir County commander Stephen Ngetich has said.
Mr Ng’etich said the attackers invaded the Special forces camp at around 8pm, resulting into a one and a half hours gun battle that ended with the assailants retreating.
“We are waiting for confirmation of the extent of the damage and also if there were any casualties.”
The force is a combination of elite officers drawn from the Administration Police, mainly the Rapid Deployment Unit, and Regular Police.
Early last month, Shabaab destroyed a mast belonging to telecommunications firm Safaricom, paralysing communication.

The Standard

I know they are coming for me: Raila
Opposition leader Raila Odinga remained defiant yesterday in the face a State crackdown on those associated with his contentious swearing-in on January 30.
Raila said he was ready to pay the ultimate price if, according to him, it would translate into a free electoral process in future.
“I know they are targeting those who were present at the swearing-in to get to me. But I am not afraid of them. I am ready to pay the ultimate price,” Raila told The Standard in an interview at his office in Nairobi.

KNUT opposes new curriculum
(Knut) has vowed that it will not support the new curriculum when piloting of the second phase II ends in November.
Secretary General Wilson Sossion said the union would not be part of the 2-6-3-3-3 curriculum, saying its piloting stage had failed.
Addressing the Press at Knut offices in Nairobi yesterday, Sossion accused the Government of disregarding important pillars that would have made the piloting in all the 33,000 schools across the country for Grade 1 and 2 a success.
Miguna’s fate now draws focus on dual citizenship
The deportation of self-proclaimed National Resistance Movement (NRM) General Miguna Miguna has exploded a debate on dual citizenship, both in Kenya and abroad.
And particularly abroad because dual citizenship is an article in the Constitution which the common Kenyan would not have had much interest in. Millions of Kenyan citizens have no intention of ever travelling or living abroad, leave alone acquiring citizenship of another country.
Until Miguna’s deportation happened on Tuesday night, many Kenyans, even those residing abroad, had not given a thought to the details required in acquiring dual citizenship.
Until the new Constitution was promulgated on August 27, 2010, dual citizenship was unknown in Kenya. One was either exclusively a Kenyan or a foreigner.

The Star

Stop harassing NASA supporters, clergy urges state

A Bishop on Thursday urged the Jubilee administration to stop harassing leaders and their supporters.
National Alliance of Registered Churches chairman Samuel Welimo said arresting and harassing NASA leaders will only cause mayhem.
“I want to remind the state that Raila only took an oath like someone would for any organisation out there, so they should leave him to be just the way he has been the President of the ODM party,” Welimo told the Star.
Boy’s hand re-attached in breakthrough surgery
Surgeons at Kenyatta National Hospital have successfully reattached a 17-year-old boy’s hand severed by a chaff-cutter.
The seven-hour microvascular surgery on January 2 was the first sucessful hand reattachment in Sub-Saharan Africa, the hospital said.
Blood flow was restored in three hours for Joseph Mbugua of Kihara, Kiambu county.
“Nasikia poa sana. Wamenishugulikia sana. (I feel so good. They, they have taken care of me well),” Mbugua told the Star from his hospital ward.
“We are pleased to inform the country Mbugua is recuperating well and has regained mobility of his fingers. Our doctors are optimistic he will make a full recovery,” KNH chief executive officer Lily Koros said.
Mbugua was cleaning the cutter at home in Kihara, Kiambu, at 11am on January 26 when the power accidentally surged on.The blades cut off his right hand at the wrist.
Meet Uhuru’s new “Kitchen Cabinet”
A mix of old and new advisers around President Uhuru Kenyatta is being credited with the tough decisions that are drawing strident criticism from sections of the public and the Opposition.
Sources close to the Presidency however say Uhuru is a different man from the President of the first term. Since his controversial reelection on October 26, 2017, Uhuru has transformed into a firm-fisted politician, often taking solitary decisions that find his advisers and close allies wrong-footed.
When he took the oath of office for his second term on November 28, Uhuru made it clear that it will not be business as usual.
He has set his sights on driving his agenda without the burden of reelection politics weighing heavily on his shoulders. Unlike his first term, his close advisers say he has developed a much tougher approach to issues that is detailed and systematic. People around him told the Star that his talk revolves around development, especially the Big Four agenda he has prioritised: Food security, housing, health and manufacturing.

Business Daily

Tests show Kajiado find not natural gas
Kenya’s quest to become a natural gas producer has suffered a major setback after tests on samples that were collected from a Kajiado site last year returned negative results.
Petroleum principal secretary Andrew Kamau said laboratory tests conducted in the United States found that the inflammable substance found in rural Kajiado came from a shallow buried layer of decomposed animals and plants.
“It is biogenic, no petroleum or gas. So there will be no drilling in the place,” said Mr Kamau. The study found that there was nothing underneath deep rocks that trap oil or gas deposits. The results, which effectively mean there are no hydrocarbons in Kajiado, are expected to deflate the excitement that came with discovery of the inflammable substance last year.
Assets agency takes up over 1,000 bank treasure troves
The Unclaimed Financial Assets Authority has taken control of 1,013 bank repositories of jewellery, title deeds, share certificates and Treasury bills whose value could be revealed later.
Local banks declared and surrendered inactive safe boxes whose owners could not be traced, perhaps due to death or migration abroad. The boxes were active in the 1970s and 80s.
“We have since publicised the safe box owners’ information on our website ( without giving details of the nature of the assets as such information is only accessible to genuine claimants, either in person or via relatives. No one has ever lodged a claim for any of the safe boxes in our custody,” said Ufaa Chief Executive Kellen Kariuki.
Ms Kariuki said that individual banks were holding the safe boxes pending a decision on the next course of action.
Ex-KBL staff get Sh100,000 each after 15-year legal battle
A court has awarded over 1,000 former Kenya Breweries Limited employees Sh30 million compensation and a one-month salary in lieu of notice after a 15-year legal battle.
The payment comprises of money that KBL withheld at the time of their sacking. The former staff moved to court in 2003 seeking compensation for unlawful sacking.
“It is clear in my mind that the plaintiffs were removed from employment without following the laid down process. Consequently, the plaintiffs’ termination and or dismissal is declared unlawful and (they) are entitled to compensation,” ruled Justice Joseph Sergon late last month.
Despite winning the legal battle, the former employees will each walk home with an average of Sh100,000, money withheld by the brewer, and an equivalent of their one-month salary two decades ago.

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