Life and Business Mastery – Week 32: EMOTION

Life and Business Mastery – Week 32: EMOTION

By Michael Flynn, Mentor

There are certain patterns that cause people to be fulfilled, to be happy, to fit, to be strong, to feel alive, to be vibrant, have passion in their lives, to do well financially but even more importantly; emotionally, psychologically, spiritually, their health, their relationships. And there are also patterns that make people frustrated, overwhelmed, depressed, sad, lonely causing them to be struggling financially, struggling with their bodies, struggling intimately.

And those patterns, they are not because of something wrong with somebody, it’s because of a pattern that we are doing. Now, what is the fastest way to create a change and basically developing the one thing that all people have in common to succeed; they are leaders.

If you are a great mum, you lead your child; you are not led by your child; or a great dad. If you are a great business person, you are a great sales person, you are a great negotiator, you are a great anything, you are a great human being then. This has been my entire life’s obsession. What makes the difference in people’s lives?

And that leadership component doesn’t always mean somebody follows you or either somebody lives life on their terms, that you will never settle for less than you can be, or share or give or create. Is not what we get that makes us happy, it’s who we become. How we live our life, who we are as a person, people can take away all the things but who we become, no one can take away and the problem is most of us are trying to be something that we are not.

And it isn’t so much about change but changing yourself. The change happens when you be yourself. Though by itself that’s the hard part for most people and then be thyself cause most of us in our lives already have a desire for respect, or achievement, or love, or connection, or something we’ve been trying to be the way we think we have to be and already get that love, respect, appreciation , whatever it is we men are after at some unconscious level and we have been doing it for so long that we think this is who we are, because success without fulfillment is failure.

So as a skill of influence, we can ask ourselves: How many agree leaders will change companies?

And the question becomes: How do you influence? How do you influence consistently with integrity? You can involve many ways. You can do without integrity but the good news is, we live in a world today where whatever you do is transferred to the world because there are no secrets anymore other.

So the good news is manipulation as an ongoing tool for success is over but adding value will never go out of style, truth will never go out of style. So influencing with integrity is the secret. But, what really influences people? Do facts and figures? You can have facts and figures out of the core stories that can influence people, no. It’s the reading of that story together in a way that produces what shapes people and that’s human emotion. Ultimately, the big deal here is emotion. You have to influence emotion, you have to involve emotion of your people. You have to maximize resources and if we all agree about what we talked about the other day, it’s not a lack of resources. It’s a lack of resourcefulness.

If you are creative enough, if you are playful enough, if you are determined enough, if you are focused enough, you can find a way. If you are giving enough, if you are generous enough, if you are honest enough, if you are creative enough, you will get people to help you, you will find a way. You will make that thing happen, your access to resources. You will get someone to coach you, teach you, loan it to you like you tried it, drive it, experience it.

Emotion drives the world. Find your passion and let go to it. You can change your world and attract people with passion.  If you never give up you will reach your dream.







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