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US scraps Kenya travel warning

President Donald Trump’s administration has scrapped a travel warning to its citizens against visiting Kenya, and instead instituted a travel advisory program. The program is four levelled and urges US citizens to practice increased caution when visiting countries listed in the program, where Kenya is ranked second. The move comes shortly after the launch of direct flights to the US from Kenya through Kenya Airways expected to commence in October.

Kenya in pre-Brexit bilateral talks
The government of Kenya has set off informal bilateral talks with Britain in an attempt to protect exports to Europe. Trade PS Chris Kiptoo says Brexit negotiations are likely to affect Kenyan exports to the continent thus the need to establish new trade deals. Britain is expected to pull out of the European Union next year.
Clashes stall SGR construction
Construction of the Standard Gauge Railwayline at the Nairobi-Naivasha phase is going slower than planned due to friction between the contractors and the public. Apart from clashes with local landowners protesting land invasion, the project has also been slowed by workers protesting poor and delayed pay, as well as youth protesting the whole project on the grounds that locals are not benefitting from construction jobs. In the latter protests, one man was shot dead after the protests turned violent.

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