LG amass accolades for design leadership with OLED TV

LG amass accolades for design leadership with OLED TV

As the World Television Day was observed globally, LG electronics has been feted for setting a new benchmark in TV design and picture quality amassing a number of prominent accolades. LG’s OLED display technology innovation saw the company receive five awards in the world most prestigious recognitions.

The awards include; EISA award 2017- 2018, CES Innovation award 2017- Best of innovation award (SIGNATURE 77W7), TechRadar’s 2017 CES awards- Best TV (Signature W7), Red Dot award 2017- Best of the Best Signature W7), and the IF design awards 2017 (Signature W7, 4K E7, 4KC7).

“AS LG Electronics, motivation for innovative design and the idea of genuinely trying to make something great for humanity remains both our ideal and goal even as we look into the future”.

Said LG East Africa Marketing Manager, Moses Marji.

LG General Manager marketing Moses Marji (Right) demonstrates the function of LG 4K OLED TV to a customer Edith Onyango (Left)

LG’s intuitive OLED display technology represents a seismic shift in television design, utilizing a light source made from organic materials to allow each pixel to both light up and turn off individually. OLED displays boast lighter, durable screens, wider viewing angles, excellent color rendering, and superior picture quality without image distortion.

OLED market size is currently estimated to be worthy nearly USD 1 billion and with a wider range of television set to be released this year, its poised to grow further.

LG is the first electronics company to commercialize OLED TV’s stamping its authority as the long standing leader In the OLED technology field and in the revolution of viewing experience. At the forefront of the OLED market, LG is years ahead of competition and even supply its OLED panels to other TV manufacturers including Sony, Phillips, and Panasonic.

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