Prolonged uncertainty and frequent disruptions from political fraternity undermining Kenya’s competitiveness, says KEPSA

Prolonged uncertainty and frequent disruptions from political fraternity undermining Kenya’s competitiveness, says KEPSA

The Kenya Private Sector Alliance (KEPSA) has applauded the IEBC for its latest statement re-affirming that the Presidential election re-run will be held on October 26, 2017.

The Alliance today said that prolonged uncertainty and frequent disruptions arising from this election period are undermining Kenya’s competitiveness in an increasingly competitive global economy.

Several businesses have been forced to employ a wait-and-see attitude on key investment and spending decisions, as they await the end of the Presidential election process.

“The linkages that tie businesses within a complex, integrated modern economy mean that the ripple effects of such decisions have spread to all businesses, and especially, much to our mounting alarm, to Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), which account for a large proportion of Kenya’s businesses, and on which much of our economic growth is premised,” KEPSA said in a statement issued earlier today.

The lobby added that “as key stakeholders in the economy, the business community’s position on the current election-related issues has been clear and consistent from the start: Kenyans have set up, at great cost and sacrifice, independent institutions to run elections (the IEBC), and to adjudicate disputes arising out of this electoral process (the Judiciary). We will continue supporting these institutions as they carry out these functions, and we will speak out without fear and favor against those who try to sabotage their activities.”

KEPSA has since issued a 3-point message to politicians, to the IEBC and the Judiciary, to other concerned institutions, and to all Kenyans:

The first is that independent institutions must be allowed to execute their mandates, and in turn these institutions must be non-partisan

Secondly, the Alliance has called for security for all, and the use of established dispute resolution mechanisms.

Third, KEPSA has said that stakeholders must keep their focus firmly on the future.

“Kenyan elections are highly emotive affairs. Notwithstanding this, civility is a core responsibility for every citizen, particularly during this sensitive period. Therefore we urge all Kenyans, the unsung heroes of our nation building story, to keep calm and carry on with building this Nation. This Nation is where it is today because of millions of hard working men and women, and it will become a great Nation if we all keep the focus on Nation building, despite political excitements. Elections will end,” said the Alliance.


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