Kasiva Mutua and Olive Karmen to join Coke Studio Africa 2017

Kasiva Mutua and Olive Karmen to join Coke Studio Africa 2017

Leading female instrumentalists: the TEDGlobal 2017 fellow, Kasiva Mutua, (Percussionist) and Olive Karmen (Drummer) are set to debut on Africa’s biggest music show, Coke Studio Africa – 2017,as part of the show’s live band. Coke Studio Africa has featured female instrumentalists in a bold move to show that Africa has great talent and there are many opportunities for women in the arts industry.

Olive Karmen the drammist

 “I am humbled to be on Coke Studio Africa because it is a big platform for an artist and for the show to consider me it shows that my hard work has paid off,” adding, “The platform has exposed me to Afro pop music which I had not done before. I am now able to infuse some elements of percussion into Afro pop and still make it dope!” Kasiva – a Ted 2017 fellow just gave a talk in Tanzania at the TEDGlobal 2017 Conference about her career and how to be a successful in your craft. Her love for percussions has seen her perform on various platforms locally and internationally. She has also shared the stage with a number of veteran artists such as Kidum, Dela, Mutinda, Suzanna Owiyo and Iddi Achieng. Said Kasiva


After being given opportunities to hone her skills and become a better artist by several artists including Kenyan singer Sage, celebrated Kenyan drummer, Olive Karmen, will make her debut on Coke Studio this year as one of the show’s drummers. She has been mentoring youth on music and drumming at BLAZE Mentorship Initiative. Since 2012, her career in the music industry has grown exponentially. Speaking on her involvement on the show, Karmen says, “Coke Studio Africa has opened me up to new audiences and new opportunities to work with artists that normally I wouldn’t have been in contact with. It has opened my eyes on new ways of creating new sounds with some of Africa’s most influential artists,” adding, “The experience has been exciting! I can’t really be put into words.”



This year, Coke Studio has merged Coke Studio Africa and Coke Studio South Africa into one—bigger and better, Coke Studio Africa – 2017. The show will include artists from South Africa, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Ghana, Angola, Zimbabwe, Togo, Cote d’Ivoire, Madagascar, Mauritius, Mozambique, DRC and Cameroon. The new season will premiere in more than 30 countries across Africa from September this year.


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