Choose progress over empty rhetoric, President Kenyatta tell Kenyans

Choose progress over empty rhetoric, President Kenyatta tell Kenyans

President Uhuru Kenyatta has urged Kenyans to choose progress over empty rhetoric when they decide the country’s destiny on August 8.

Speaking Sunday evening during a live online conversation with Kenyans on Facebook, the President urged Kenyans to vote for him so that he can implement his Action Plan to create 6.5 million jobs by building on the foundation he has laid in the last four years.

Uhuru said his Administration has concrete plans to create more jobs, lower prices and make Kenya safer through proper investment in the right sectors.

The President noted that his close challenger Raila Odinga does not have any plan to build on the progress the country has achieved in the last four years.

“No plan means no progress. No progress means no new jobs, higher cost of living, weakened security and a less prosperous Kenya,” said the President during the virtual town hall meeting through Facebook live.

“Choose progress to build on the foundation we have laid down. Choose progress and prosperity over empty politics.”

He urged Kenyans to choose peace and security, adding that his Action Plan covers all that is needed to make Kenya more prosperous, peaceful and secure.

The President called on Kenyans to promote peace and unity as the country heads to the election.

“No matter the outcome of the election, we must remember that we are all Kenyans,” said the President.

The Head of State said his Government plans to create 6.5 million jobs in the next four years by building on the progress that was achieved in the last four years.

He said the government has invested sufficient resources in improving the country’s infrastructure to support job creation. The government has also invested sufficient resources in equipping the country’s security forces to boost the safety of Kenyans.

The President answered questions from viewers on varying subjects including how the Government will make the cash transfer program more efficient and how it plans to boost the development of North Eastern Kenya.

On the cash transfer program, the President said the government will continue improving the efficiency of the expanded cash transfer program so that it is shielded from abuse.

He said all Kenyans above 70 years will be eligible to be supported through the program and that is one way of reducing loopholes for abuse.

The President speaking on North Eastern Kenya said the Jubilee Government has directed the largest amount of government funds to the region than any time before.

“Over the last four years more government resources have been spent in the formerly marginalized region,” said the President. “My goal is to ensure that the word marginalized is no longer part of Kenyan vocabulary,” said the President.

He pointed out that Garissa is now connected to the national power grid and the roads of the region are under construction.

On expansion of access to electricity, the President said 56 percent of Kenyan households now have power, double the figure in 2013.

“My promise is that we will reach every single market, every single home so that all have access to electricity,” said the President.

The President also spoke on the Jubilee Administration’s plan to improve the education system.

He said all schools have now received digital learning devices for those entering standard one and the government will embark on a program to build computer labs for those in upper classes.

The President spoke on the plans to make secondary education free, the plans to ensure every constituency has a technical training institute and the plan to provide paid internships for graduates from TTIs.

The President also spoke on the Government’s plan to construct a modern stadium in every county.

“The work of building stadiums is going on. We are currently building stadiums in Nyeri, Marsabit, Kapkatet and West Pokot,” said the President.

He said the Moi International Sports Center has been upgraded and is now able to host any form of International sports event.

While still answering questions from viewers, the President said his highest moment while in office was when he rode the Standard Gauge Railway from Mombasa to Nairobi.

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