Erick Omondi and Tumi Morake signs mega deal with Cartoon Channel

Erick Omondi and Tumi Morake signs mega deal with Cartoon Channel
  • Hilarious duo, Tumi Morake, and Eric Omondi transform themselves into the lovable animals we all know and love

Renowned Kenyan comedian Eric Omondi and South Africa’s leading female comedian and radio personality, Tumi Morake, and, have teamed up with Boomerang to launch a brand new, exciting comedic series that promises to have audiences across Africa roaring with laughter!The series of one-minute short scripted comedies, where real wild animals will be dubbed by local African talents, is based on the simple concept of “if animals could talk what would they say?” Here on the Safari Comedy Show, anything is possible.


From cheeky monkeys to lazy wallowing seals, too greedy warthogs, to romantic Cheetahs, Boomerang’s The Safari Comedy Show will shed light on the daily lives of some of Africa’s most humorous animals, like you have never seen before.

Tumi Morake says: “I have never really seen anything quite like The Safari Comedy Show before. The show is so different, unique and unexpected which makes the show very disruptive in a good way. The disruptive nature of The Safari Comedy Show is not only exciting but engaging too. The show definitely gives us a glimpse of what life could be like if we were wild animals in Africa!”

Eric Omondi says: “Comedy is my passion – there is nothing I love more than making people smile and laugh. When Boomerang approached me to do The Safari Comedy Show, I was so excited to get the opportunity to make hundreds and thousands of kids, and their parents, from across Africa roar with laughter. I mean what an honour!”

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