Types of ear piercings

PINTEREST Types of ear piercings
Ear piercings go back as far as the medieval era and beyond, and are very basic, or are they? Today ear piercings have evolved from the traditional standard lobe piercing to more complicated designs, carrying different meanings according to different cultures. Here are the most common types of ear piercings popular among millennials:
 Auricle piercings
 Done at the middle part of the outer rim of your ear. Kinda painful.
Conch piercings
  Involve perforation of the ear cartilage.
 Earlobe piercings
Most basic, done on the earlobe cartilage.
Helix piercings
Done at the top of the ear and is associated with rebellion or gothic tendencies.
 Industrial piercings
Multiple perforations are made at the upper earlobe cartilage and a jewel such as an arrow shaped hook is used to connect them. Cool huh?
Tragus piercings
Done on the part of your ear that covers the ear canal, closest to the face.
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