4 Kenyan company logos which could use an update

4 Kenyan company logos which could use an update

Safaricom recently unveiled its new logo and from the looks of it, it’s not very new. With a new tagline hanging onto what could as well be the old design, we can’t help but wonder ‘where has the better option gone?’ There are a couple of homegrown companies’ logos that could do with an upgrade.

Haco/Tiger Brands

There are a number of well-known brands that fall under this umbrella. In Kenya, it distributes products from BIC, All Gold and Palmer’s among many other popular names which is why it’s sad that they still have this DIY-looking logo. The tiger bounding at you is a powerful thing. It has movement, it has an intensity to it and is engaging but it does look like it has been passed by the times. Design these days, from an aesthetics point of view, tends to be minimalist and direct. The Tiger Brands logo does look decidedly busy with a thick red stripe behind the tiger that should be the main event.


When Brookside launched their logo it must have been one of the best out there. It’s clean and sharp and oddly nostalgic despite the company’s relative youth. The image of a grassy hill with a stream cutting through it set the precedent for many dairy processing companies. Tuzo and Ilara adopted the blue and white colour schemes somewhere in their designs. But at this point the retro is just that. But Brookside has one of those challenges that a well-established company faces with regard to branding – a change might be confusing to consumers.

Chandaria Industries

Chandaria has its reach in every hygiene product we use, so to speak. They make every kind of tissue imaginable. When it comes to their logo, there is a certain fluidity that it lacks. Yes, it does seem strong and using red is always effective, but it also seems very static. Stacked up against company logos from the 70s or 80s, we wouldn’t have been able to tell the difference. Not to mention the font is on the severe and serious side.

Wananchi Group

There is something a bit more modern about the Wananchi Group logo, maybe because the company is in the media and tech business. That notwithstanding, their logo looks a bit 15-years-ago. The Zuku (which is the primary product from the company) logo on the other hand, is a thing of beauty.





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