Gait’s online rejection

Gait’s online rejection

‘Truly I say to you, No prophet is accepted in his own country,’ is a biblical allusion that clearly explains Jimmy Gait’s troubles with the online family. Jimmy has been on the receiving end of cyber bullying ever since he released his cover of Adele’s Hello and the trolls have been coming with social media creating titles of a song he would probably record after every national topic that goes viral.

"I don’t hold any grudges to people who ridicule or try to bring me down. I just payback that negativity with positivity. I am an ambassador of hope and I lead by example by always keeping my head up no matter what I go through. You can lose anything in life, but never lose hope, it’s the fuel that drives me. Even as we go into this election period, let’s show love. No matter what people throw at you, show them love."


For a moment, Jimmy Gait had made a dramatic comeback with his new single dubbed ‘love’. The single which clarifies that all he has for his fans and foes is love uses the very memes that were thrown at him as part of the lyrics to the song making it look like he is seeking sympathy, and that has backfired on him.  

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It seems Jimmy Gait is on a war path with his haters and trying to kill them with kindness but will that kill the trolls and memes? In a TV interview on Friday 19th May 2017, the gospel music artiste broke down on national television as he narrated just how painful the trolls hit him every day revealing intimate details of his life behind the scenes struggling to take the negatives positively.

“I am human, he said as he was fighting back the tears, I also have feelings, and after all I have done for the industry just one song made people think I am trash,” said Gait who broke down to tears.

And well, the trolls are not taking a back seat anytime soon. Over forty-eight hours later, the hashtag #JimmyGaitresponds is still a top trend with many more memes.

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