4 ways to reduce your salt intake

4 ways to reduce your salt intake

Salt or sodium is an essential part of our nutrition. The body uses sodium to send and receive electrical impulses and is indispensable in keeping cells functional and healthy. But as we all know too much of a good thing is poison. Here’s a way to keep your salt intake in check.

Buy fresh

Fresh food can never steer you wrong. Especially when it comes to meat and meat products, opting for fresh ingredients is always the better option. Processed meats have high levels of sodium in order to keep cuts of meat from going bad. They are also incredibly unhealthy for your heart and blood pressure.

Look at labels when buying packaged foods

There are products that might seem like they have no substantial amounts of salt in them such as pastries and other sweets but the only real indicator for sodium levels is looking at the packaging. Some salt might have snuck into the item without your knowledge.

Try other spices

Many times when we feel that food has no taste, we assume it’s because it has no salt and proceed to dump copious amounts of the stuff on our meals. Cook with a variety of herbs and spices in order to give the dining experience some depth and enhance the flavours in your food.

Develop other cooking methods

Sautéing and roasting food will add some dimension and smokiness to food items. This will help reduce a dependency on salt for an added kick.

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