Celeb Chat with Konkodi: “There’s money in music and I’m definitely out to make it.”

Celeb Chat with Konkodi: “There’s money in music and I’m definitely out to make it.”
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Rapper Konkodi might have featured on the Bon’eye, Joh Makini track “Appetite” but the hunger for his personal success is palpable. The emcee caught up with XACCESS and gave us the rundown on his Decimal Records signing, his initial meeting with the P Unit front man and his plans for the future.

Explain the story behind “Appetite”

Basically in life, everybody has an ‘appetite,’ something that you dream about and something that you aspire to, your ambitions. So that’s what the song is talking about. It’s just your life goals aspirations. Appetite for food, appetite for money, appetite for the girls; everybody has their own perception on it.

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How did you and Bon’eye meet?

I came to meet Bon’eye last year around September. I used to sell Shisha in a club called Scotchies Lounge along Kiambu Road. I used to rap but I was a little nervous about approaching him when I saw him in the club. One day I gained enough courage to go up to him and I told him, ‘budaa mi huchapa mistari, si unaweza niskia?’ So we went outside, I rapped, he gave me his number and told me to call him. The next day I called him, he responded and the rest is history. “Appetite” was created, I got to meet Musyoka and I got signed.

How long were you rapping before you got discovered?

I’d say I started my music journey, the first time I entered the booth, which was in December 2011. Around the same time is when I laid down my first track.

What serves as your inspiration?

First of all, the good life. There’s money in music and I’m definitely out to make it. Music is a business and that is the way you are supposed to approach it. Most of the people who say there’s no money in music, haven’t invested their all in what they are doing. Besides that, you have to have a network that helps you push your music. Working with Decimal Records is a way to get my music further.

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What is the major challenge you’ve faced coming up in the industry?

First of all resources. If I had enough money in my pocket back them, I would have hit it big a long time ago. I believe I have good music and my content is legit. If I had the resources that I need and not just money, even friends and a team, I would have been on the scene earlier.

What is the one thing about the industry that you would love to change?

The mentality that people have, that music has no money. You could be doing music for years and your parent says, ‘umeishi kwa mic’ thinking that you are not doing anything substantial with your life. I would love to change that.

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What are you working on currently?

Right now there are a couple of tracks that are ready for release. I have a single called “Get Down,”it’s a solo track and there’s another one I’ve worked with Bon’eye on. There’s a few more that are coming in soon, we have a strategic plan running to the end of the year.

Where do you see yourself in ten years?

I’m just seeing awards. In ten years I should have some global recognition, putting Kenya on the map musically. Collabos with international artistes and the like, because Kenya has the best music Africa can offer.

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