Celeb Chat with Amos and Josh: “I realised it was serious was when I got a phone call from her mother telling me that she had attempted suicide.”

Celeb Chat with Amos and Josh: “I realised it was serious was when I got a phone call from her mother telling me that she had attempted suicide.”

Dynamic Duo, Amos and Josh are much more than just a boy band. The singers have branched out into the events business with the recent Kuku Fietsa as they continue to tell the Contrast Story. They were nothing but open books as XACCESS sat down with them to discuss the controversial ‘Heri Tuachane,’ perfect days and their celebrity crushes.

How did ‘Urembo’ come about?

Josh: Two artistes came together. We had met with Calvo a couple of times in different events and he had told us a long time ago that he would love to work with us.

Amos: It was Calvo’s concept, he had written the verses and stuff. So he wanted someone who could do a very good chorus. So he just called us up and we thought the idea for the song matches up with what we were doing. It’s not something that is out of our brand.

Who came up with the video concept?

Josh: Calvo did.

Amos: He called up like all of his friends to make the video happen. He also directed it himself.

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What usually serves as the main inspiration behind your music?

Amos: Life and love. So basically we choose to write our music from a place that people can relate. We try to take people through our journey so that they can get what we are feeling. Whether it’s nostalgia, or love. That’s how we wrote ‘Baadaye’ and basically how we’ve written most of our songs. Love is the foundation of the music that we write.

Which other musicians do you look up to as vocalists?

Josh: Music is our career so there’s inspiration from almost every angle. On the artistic front, singers like Eric Wainaina, Bien of Sauti Sol—Sauti Sol as a whole actually—and Harry Kimani. There’s a few who we’ve grown up listening to like Atemi too. On the business angle we look up to anyone. Even to put up this gig (Kuku Fiesta) it took the strength of artistes and friends who believed in us enough to help us in making it successful.

Your most recent video ‘Heri Tuachane’ has had some controversy around it. What is the story there?

Amos: It’s still one of those songs that we wrote from a very personal place. This one in particular, had an issue with an ex. She had a history of clinical depression but we never had any major problems while we were together. We broke up a long time ago and right after we released this song some things came up. Some parts of the songs she could relate to but the song is not completely about her. Unfortunately she felt as if the entire song was directed towards her. After going back and forth for a while I thought ‘it’s just a song.’ The time I realised it was serious was when I got a phone call from her mother telling me that she had attempted suicide. After some discussion we decided to pull it down from our page even though we had sent it to DJs and TV stations so it’s still out there.

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On The Contrast Story, how is that progressing now?

Amos: The album is coming soon and Kuku Fiesta serves as a showcase for the love story. 12 videos, 12 songs but all of them are connected, it all started with ‘Moto Moto’ and carries on from there. We were supposed to go from ‘Heri Tuachane’ to ‘Missing You’. After that we start looking at Josh’s love life. The entire album is full of very different sounds, different concepts and a different vibe but just one long love story.

That sounds like a lot of work

Josh: It is but we want to show people out there that music is actually work. It’s a profession, it’s something to study and something to grow in, so that music can be respected in this country. If you look around, so many people are doing so many big things that it makes the music industry look good.

Do you ever listen to your own music?

Josh: I listen to my music all the time. I enjoy my music. My personal playlist is mostly our music because sometimes I have to appreciate our efforts like ‘yenyewe hapa tulitry.’

Amos: It’s hard not to listen to it and think about the next thing. It’s hard for me to listen to it and not critique the music.

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Are there other artistes you would love to work with?

Josh: Tiwa Savage. Her R.E.D album is out of this world. Another person I meet sometimes and would love to work with is Victoria Kimani.

Amos: It’s because Josh has a massive crush on her!

Josh: That’s a good place to crush. You crush and die happy!

Amos and Josh on stage with a dancer.

Describe your perfect day

Amos: So I wake up and just have a good breakfast, land in some place like Panari with a good book, a glass of wine and some bitings. In the afternoon or even late in the night I go for a movie. Then I meet up with friends, tuende tuchome nyama, we are just chilling and having a good time. After my friends leave, I go spend some time with my special person tuongee ma-nonsense and then call it a day.

Josh: I listen to my music and spend the whole day in my boxers with Wi-fi and my phone. I go out later and meet up with my friends and go see a good football match afterwards. Then I go home.



Favourite Rapper – Kendrick Lamar

Favourite Food – Samaki na chapo

Favourite Colour – Red

All-time favourite song – My Queen by Longombas


Favourite Rapper – Kendrick Lamar

Favourite Food – Pilau and chicken

Favourite Colour – Red

Song you are feeling at the moment – 24K by Bruno Mars

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