7 signs YOU are the side-chick

7 signs YOU are the side-chick

Don’t get caught up in someone’s mess. It happens to the best of us, at least this way you’ll be sorted before it goes too far.

  1. You can’t get to him but he can get to you

Anytime he calls, you go running but every time you call he never answers or it goes to voicemail, like you are on some mystery call list that only he knows about. Unless this man is a surgeon or has some other extremely demanding job there is no reason that he should be completely unreachable. This only shows that something shady is underfoot.

  1. You have never met any of his friends or family

This is actually more important than you might realise. If only to show you off, you are supposed to have met at least a couple of his friends if you consider each other a couple. If he is hiding you from his friends, despite mentioning their existence, then it means he is keeping you in the dark and that is where the ‘relationship’ will stay.

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  1. You have no social media connection

Now, there are some instances where keeping each other off social media is a good idea. That is, when you don’t want to deal with the potential fallout of a relationship or when you don’t want people in your business, but if you are completely alien to each other online that can be a sign of a problem.

  1. He does not want to be seen in public with you

Nobody’s saying you have to be touchy feely in public but if he really has no desire to take you anywhere that is a major red flag. Couples do things together many of those things involve going out, if you have never seen this man outside of your or his house then you are not together.

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  1. His phone is a fortress


Privacy is well and good but if you have no idea what his phone looks like then he definitely has something to hide. This also includes answering phone calls away from you. Our phones have become extensions of ourselves and if he is secretive about his phone’s activities, he is secretive about his own activities.

  1. He will not mention anything about the future

Even talking about plans to meet up will be an issue because let’s face it his schedule will always be changing according to his other—real—life. Any ideas about future plans that you bring up will be shot down or not materialise because he is just not fully into being with you.

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  1. He is never particularly angry about anything

If you suddenly cancel plans to meet up or catches you flirting with someone else he won’t get angry because he simply does not care enough.

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