Bahati has major fail after asking people if fame has changed him

Bahati has major fail after asking people if fame has changed him

So we all know Bahati, gospel music star famous for hits such as ‘Itakua Sawa’ and ‘Barua.’ He’s also no stranger to controversy having called out Sauti Sol for doing a gospel song last year although not branding themselves as gospel artistes. Well the band’s vocalist Bien told him to take a seat-not in those exact words.

He asked his fans if the fame had got to him , positing “Ni Kipi Kizuri nilikua nafanya Nikianza Mziki Unahisi Nimebadilika??? (What do you think I was Doing at the Start & you think I have Changed as a Gospel Artist???”

And the responses are hilarious.

Some minister to him, even though that is not exactly what he was asking for.

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“The @bahatikenya I knew used to be humble and polite hizo enzi za “siku ya kwanza” but nowadays as they say God made money and money made man mad, pesa kweli ndio sabuni ya roho, Bahati Bahati Bahati Everything you have is vanity without God, please come back to God kuwa yule @bahatikenya tuliojuwa awali wacha maringo, wacha mabeef, Be humble, Ooh my I just hope you read my comment, Believe in God and Do his will and You will be Established, otherwise tote ni umaskini yote ni vanity bila kutimiza mapenzi yake Mungu,” wrote africanprincessnelly.

“Mam music is love song not gospel music. Gospel is about Jesus only,” added edwardrutto.

Some though he had gone ‘Hollywood’ on fans.

“Ulikuwa unapatika kirahisi sana na fun …sio kama sa ii …..I remember when kunatym I had formed a group juu ya kuvote ….ulikuwa unachat sanaa even recording voice note ….and answering every question umiulizwa, ” wrote florence_muasya.

And others didn’t really see the point of the exercise.

“Wacha maswali fanya mziki,” posted just_sense_.

“Forget the past leave the future to the owner deal with the present I love the song tukubushane,” wrote prettycalvo. “N pliz acha maswali mingiiiii na kujisubua bure…toa track mingi vile utaweza boss,” trending254 echoing the sentiments.

There were also a couple of strange ones which is to be expected.

“Kulia sana,” wrote carolinewanjikumuth and “Siku hizi rangi yako imechange,” by moje_89 which just make no sense.

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This inquiry by the singer might be in response to his new single ‘Nikumbushe’ with Tanzanian artiste Rayvanny, who is not a gospel musician. Although the song is proving to be a hit Bahati’s faith has been questioned following its release. The video’s comments’ section is littered with quips as to why the collabo was even made.

“Kenyan Gospel artists no longer winning souls but competing for fans. Fighting over collabos no wonder you are paid 90 k to perform at political rallies while Chris Brown chunks a cool 90 m.Reason we ain’t patience tunapenda vitu za haraka haraka kama ngoma za wakamba. Good trial but believe me not tanzanians are not going to buy this c**p. It ain’t there taste especially when you mention jesus in secular song. just another one off the chimney, ” this particularly scathing comment has 5 likes, which is something.

Well  ‘Nikumbushe’ is trending but we’re sure Willy Paul isn’t crying in a corner somewhere. ‘I Do’ is almost at 2 million views.

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