At this point, do we really need ‘international’ artistes?

At this point, do we really need ‘international’ artistes?

Burna Boy had a horrible time in the country, that was obvious by the huff that he has no doubt stormed off in. But as an artiste that was getting paid for his time and probably getting catered to for the entire period he was in the country he owed–in the least bit–the people who hired him more than that.

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With his track record we should not have expected any different. Damini Ogulu aka Burna Boy is something of an innovator with his music. His sound is original, it’s fresh, exciting, and poignant at times but still sounds very indigenous. Some have even claimed that he should get credit for starting the ‘Mannequin Challenge’ which took the world by storm late last year due to the trend’s similarities with his music video for hit song ‘Soke.’ And as with every true artiste, his spirit seems untamable and tortured.

He is one of Nigeria’s most controversial artistes and that is saying something in a country where probably every 5 people have astounding musical capabilities.  Burna Boy was reportedly banned from the UK due to a ‘gang related crime’ and a probation violation which is how he found himself in his home country. So his outburst and shabby performance are only minor incidences.

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But we seem to have given in to making do with sub-par performances as consumers of entertainment. We bring washed up artistes into the country simply because they were once a ‘big deal’ and treat them like they are royalty, without any realisation on their part that we are cutting them a break. It must feel absolutely terrible to pay Sh.10, 000 for a ticket only to be mishandled by an overzealous security guard. Aside from Chris Brown who simply looked like he did not want to be here, we have nothing else to show for 2016.

Chris Brown arriving in Mombasa/PHOTO/Courtesy.

Let’s expound on the tale of ‘Lost in Tha 90s’ where Soul 4 Real were supposed to help us cap off the year. Where it was reported that the band was booed off stage for lip synching and the proceeded to get into a brawl backstage after their sorry set. If we had done any research on the band we would have realised that in 2009 three of the brothers, Brian, Jason and Andre Dalyrimple were indicted in Georgia on 145 counts of aggravated identity fraud. The Boom Box reports that “It is estimated that the Dalyrimples struck over 260 victims and at least 8 banks, for as much as $1,000,000.” These are the people who we bring onto our stages. While our own artistes starve for attention.

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