Size 8 has a heart of gold: She pops up at a free day care centre she and DJ Mo own and it’ll move you to tears

Size 8 has a heart of gold: She pops up at a free day care centre she and DJ Mo own and it’ll move you to tears
  • Singer Size 8 recently launched a vlog chronicling her family’s activities
  • The videos are directed by social media guru Xtian Dela

In this week’s episode of The Murayas were expecting to see the same old content that Size and DJ Mo produce. Their day to day activities, which are usually not that exciting. But the singer surprises us halfway into the video by paying a visit to a day care centre. And this is just not any day care, she and her husband own it.

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The video begins with Size 8 and her daughter exiting their home in a lush suburb to a spa. Once she reaches there she’s surprised by the receptionist who tells her that DJ Mo already paid for the entire treatment. Girly screaming ensues.

They are then recorded at a training session that Size 8 moans through. This cuts to a scene where she makes an entrance into the day care centre where she meets a couple of kids who seemingly travelled a long distance to reach the spot. Size 8 is then acquainted with a girl with numerous disabilities who leaves her speechless.

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The singer admits that she does not visit the place often because it is emotionally taxing, “Every time I feel like I should push myself, do more, try to achieve more for these kids.”

The caretakers explain the situation to her and although there is not necessarily a happy ending to this story it’s nice to see celebs actually giving back.





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