Photos: Jacky Vike embraces motherhood in stunning photoshoot

Photos: Jacky Vike embraces motherhood in stunning photoshoot
  • Jacky Vike popularly known as Awinja is an actress and radio presenter
  • She shot to fame playing the character ‘Awinja’ (a cunning house maid) in local sitcom ‘Papa shirandula’


Jacky Vike, the beautiful radio presenter and ‘Papa Shirandula’ actress is pregnant, and for the first time, the funny woman has posted beautiful pregnancy photos of her on social media to celebrate motherhood. ‘Thank you God, just the two of us, she wrote on instagram’

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The extremely fashion conscious actress did not however disclose much on the pregnancy but she sure did look good. Jacky shot to fame after landing a role in the local sitcom ‘Papa Shirandula’ where she has played ‘Awinja’ a househelp with an accent, a role she had never played before but has come to master.

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