Kenyans relentlessly roast President Uhuru Kenyatta for visting Kisii as #UhuruInKisii trends

Kenyans relentlessly roast President Uhuru Kenyatta for visting Kisii as  #UhuruInKisii trends
  • Uhuru Kenyatta is visiting Kisii town on a ‘working tour of Kisii and Nyamira Counties’
  • He has launched the upgrading to bitumen standard of Nyamira-Igonga-Gesonso-Itibo-Kiabusura-Mwata-Botitaa-Riana-Iyabe-Ekiendege-Chisaro roads
  • Kenyans are not happy about his visit

President Uhuru Kenyatta might have taken a trip to Kisii but nobody is here for it. Some are viewing this a PR move with no real value while some are just seeing it as  a vanity move in anticipation of the elections.

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