Mr President.You lied to Kenyans on the State of Nation, Odinga tell President Kenyatta

Mr President.You lied to Kenyans on the State of Nation, Odinga tell President Kenyatta
  • Opposition leader Raila Odinga says life is still unbearable to many Kenyans despite President Kenyatta’s assurance that the economy is doing well
  • Odinga challenged the Head of State to publish all roads the government has constructed since 2013
  • The Opposition has urged Kenyans to elect NASA for real change in the forthcoming elections

 Opposition leader Raila Odinga has dismissed President Uhuru Kenyatta’s address to the Nation saying he lied to Kenyans.

Odinga said millions of Kenyans are starving but the President painted a glowing picture of its tenure and the nation.

He pointed out that reports by the government indicate that the number of Kenyans facing starvation has risen to 2.7 million in 2017 compared to 1.7 million last year.
The Jubilee administration has sent appeals for food aid all over the world.
The famine ravaging the land is the final repudiation of Jubilee policies on agriculture and food security. Droughts do not cause famines. Famines are caused by the failure to mitigate droughts,” Odinga said.

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Odinga said a survey by the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (KNBS) last year revealed that business establishments that were started or acquired within the last two years accounted for 61.3 per cent of the total businesses closed with the main reason cited for business closure was shortage of operating funds owing to increased operating expenses, declining income and losses incurred from businesses.

“Jubilee took over a nation of Ksh. 1.5 trillion debt. That debt is now Ksh. 4 trillion and rising. As a Kenyan, has your income increased two and a half times since Jubilee came to power? Your share of the national debt has. And that debt is due and payable,” Odinga said

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“We challenge are challenging the President to show Kenyans the 7000 kilometres of roads it has constructed in the last four years by category, status and region; what class of road, from where to where?,” asked the opposition leader.


President Uhuru Kenyatta

He told President Kenyatta that he cannot take routine and periodic maintenance of roads; including the gravelling the earth roads, pothole patching, bush clearing and drainage clearance and report it as an achievement.

“We challenge the President to give Kenyans a breakdown of the Government of Kenya funding as budgeted by stating which roads were earmarked for development in Financial Year 2013/2014, Financial Year 2015/2016 and Financial Year 2016/2017, how much was spent and when they got completed,” Odinga said.

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