Your phone is dirtier than a public toilet seat

Your phone is dirtier than a public toilet seat

These days smart phones have become extensions of our arms. We can’t go anywhere without them let alone imagine life without a phone. We carry our phones everywhere, even to the washroom–which is terribly unhygienic–and all those germs just end up on our phones.

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According to the Daily Mail an analysis of 30 phones by Which? Magazine revealed that a quarter of our cellphones are so dirty that they contain ten times an acceptable level of bacteria. Everything we touch will transfer bacteria from one place to another and considering how many things are communal, that’s a lot of bacteria. Think about it, money, rails on buses, door handles, every time you go to the toilet with your handset, buttons on elevators; all those germs will wind up on your phone and subsequently your face while making calls.

Results from these studies do show that most bacteria on phone screens are not particularly harmful on their own but some can cause illness.  E.coli which causes food poisoning and the scary MRSA that is drug resistant and the cause of many different infections have been found on phones.

It’s easy to keep your phone clean. Wipe it daily with a microfiber cloth, that’s it. Wash your hands frequently during the day especially after doing anything that will make your hands feel sweaty or dirty.

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