4 terrible Kenyan dating apps that are not worth your time (and money)

4 terrible Kenyan dating apps that are not worth your time (and money)

Did you actually know these existed?

Technology is great and it seems that Kenyans these days want to be jacks of all trades. Getting into the tech game and being good at it is actually harder than it looks. Writing code is not for the faint of heart which is why it’s baffling that so many people insist on releasing horrible apps based on good ideas. Take the extra time and make a decent product.

1. Date Kenyans

This is a dating app geared towards Kenyans living all over the world looking for that special someone. The interface actually looks pretty good but the reviews give this dud away. Joyce Murigi writes, “Fake and lies. Why do you call it the diaspora dating and in the FIRST PLACE it is not allowing other countries too any fields and it won’t be opened. It’s fake and lies don’t bother to [sic] instyal.” Joshua Leenk adds, “Useless app. Thank you for nothing, this is nothing but a useless app.” The funny thing about the reviews on this app is, all the 5 star reviews carry no comments and that seems shady.

2. Tukutane

The Tukutane dating app we’ll admit that this one is still in the beta stage but that doesn’t mean that the reviews are not funny. Andrew Kasanga makes a point, “Pumbavu thaaaaana. Hiii application mbona haifai lakin haitolew [sic] Google play?” Nellisah nkirote adds, “Don’t try this. The worst ever application,” she has determined that this particular application is the worst one in the world.

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3. Dates Kenya

What a creative name! But no not really. Dates Kenya seem to be a mess, it’s not the worst looking app out there but it could be better. Robert Otwori does not mince his words, “Never works. To be sincere apologies first, this app never works at all period.” Neither does Victor Muturi, “S**t. This stuff doesn’t work.”

4. Mafisi Sacco

We can’t say with full assurance that this is an actual dating app because it seems odd. By the description which reads, “A social interaction application that link people with common interest together,” you might think it’s some sort of social media app but that’s not how things look by the banner which showcases a bunch of leery cartoon men lusting over a girl. An unidentified Google user comments, “Hate it. Download this thing if you want to remain single stupid app doesn’t work the girls aren’t real,does not qualify to be in the store!” Deno chum diari also has a question, “Doesn’t sign up. I app ni ya ufala sana kwanini ai sing [sic] up?”

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