This is why the Dr Ofweneke/Nicah story does not add up

This is why the Dr Ofweneke/Nicah story does not add up
  • Dr Ofweneke and Nicah got engaged in 2016
  • They have a daughter together although Nicah has a child from a previous relationship
  • Nicah posted an update online that she would be leaving the comedian due to the abuse that she has been suffering at his hands

It was all good just a week ago. Maybe not but it seemed not too long ago that the two former flames were living good life in sweet sweet love. But things were so muddled that it’s hard to know who to believe. Here is the rough time line of how things unfolded.

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    1. Nicah hints that she has a secret and presumably new admirer on her Instagram on February 27th. But no word on a break up yet.
    2. The media reports that Nicah and Dr Ofweneke may be having a little trouble in paradise. there are rumours floating around the blogosphere about the two of them going their separate ways. Dr Ofweneke roundly refutes the gossip and confirms that they are still going strong. That was earlier this week.
    3. On the very same day a separate report emerges that Dr Ofweneke’s confidants claim that he and Nicah have left each other.
    4. So far Dr Ofweneke’s social media is free of Nicah. in fact the only indication that he has a family is a post that he did fawning over their daughter.
    5. The following day after the break up report ( on 8th March) Nicah posts the explosive picture on Instagram sporting a despondent face with the caption, “Domestic violence is such a bad thing… I had to walk away … I had to run … Yes I’m a single mother of two and I know God will watch over my kids.” Also noted by a keen media writer is the change in hairdo despite Nicah having a buzz-cut, but it could be a wig *shrugs*6. The internet is abuzz.

7. SDE reported that a close friend of the comedian was adamant that he did not abuse her. He also had some harsh words, which she responded with, “Looking for attention? OMG…They say mnyonge hana haki! But I serve a God of justice…@mjerry81 you know better. You used to come home and help him pack his bags and tell him he is a celebrity he can get any woman he wants…” Ouch.

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8. Nicah promptly wipes her Instagram clean.

9. In a media interview Dr Ofweneke, who is apparently saved, doe snot outright admit or deny beating his wife.

Well this man is looking more and more guilty.

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