Celeb Chat with Avril : “Some people had said ‘she’s getting too old for this'”.

Celeb Chat with Avril : “Some people had said ‘she’s getting too old for this'”.

Sultry songstress Avril is moving on up. After landing yet another endorsement deal the singer had a chat with XACCESS about her future and has nothing but hope for more great things to come. Here’s the 411.

Why did you agree to the itel endorsement?

Any partnership that empowers young people and not just myself, I’m always in for it. Technology influences communication and communication is something that young people are very integral in. So for me I chose to be the brand ambassador when I was approached by itel recently because at the end of the day I’m looking for areas and avenues of how to expand technology in Kenya.

What will the partnership entail?

Basically what a brand ambassador does is market products so my face is going to be a representation of what itel is about. Me being young– I’m not that young but hey!—the youth tend to respond to me and I’ll try to push the product specifically to them. Try to provide them a good phone that they can use and will not break the bank.

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Do you personally use an itel?

Yes of course. I’m actually using an itel now. I take selfies all the time and the phone’s camera quality is actually pretty good.

You song ‘Yule Dame’ is all about female empowerment is this an expression of that?

Yes it was. As much as I was trying to empower people I was also trying to empower myself. So every time somebody asks me about that song I tell them that being a female in any industry whatsoever has its challenges. But you have to persevere and tell yourself that ‘you can do this,’ you can have that child that you’ve always wanted and still have a great career. There were all these things happening in my life and people were talking and saying a lot of things but at the end of the day you have to remind yourself ‘we ni yule dame.’

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Has this new deal changed the way you look at the business of music?

I’ve had a couple of deals in the past that have always influenced my career so definitely this is also an addition to my CV. In life you always count achievements as stepping tones to different things so this has only added to my career. It has shown me that great things are coming because some people had said ‘she’s getting too old for this.’ Every year is my year because I’m constantly trying to re-invent myself.

The phone series you are working on is called the Selfie Series, do you have a go-to pose while taking pictures?

Of course! Every single time I take a selfie I always have to look for my good side, I think it’s my left side. I always tend to tilt my head because it makes my face slimmer.

Are there any rules you follow before you take a pic?

I take a bunch of selfies and then I start choosing which ones are the best. I have to look for light, I have to find the side that looks better in that light. So yeah I think we all have the same rules especially as girls.

Your music, when can we expect something new?

Something new is coming very very soon, in fact a lot of things are coming very soon. There’s a new song that’s about to be released and it’s going to be very different. A lot of people are going to ask a lot of questions about the new direction of my music, but hey, we need to challenge ourselves as Kenyan musicians once in a while. We don’t have to stick to the same old music that we are used to. So I’ve challenged my producers, my videographers; working with Cedo and J Blessing and it’s going to be amazing. I’m also doing something big in Nakuru on April 15th so fingers crossed.

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