Do Risper Faith’s ‘booty poppers’ actually give you a bigger backside?

PHOTOS/RISPER FAITH/INSTAGRAM Do Risper Faith’s ‘booty poppers’ actually give you a bigger backside?

Bountifully blessed socialite, reality TV personality and sometimes real estate agent Ripser Faith has been hawking these ‘booty-poppers’ around for a while now. She even held an event promoting them on Nairobi Diaries but the audience did not get to see the mechanisms in action much.

it seems redundant that a woman with clearly an already conspicuous back side would sell these things. Wouldn’t it be more believable if somebody without much ‘baggage’ sold them so that you could see the results?

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The design seems pretty simple, it’s a sort of leotard with a strap that goes under the cheeks to give some lift, “Booty popper enhances the botty and tucks the tummy,” she writes. Which also makes a weird indentation if you are wearing jeans, but people seem to be eating them up.

“Am in Australia, i really need them how can i hav them?,” posts one desperate follower. “I should have bought you this booty popper for valentines,” writes another. What is conveniently missing though is the ‘before’ pics to the ‘afters.’ But apparently people will spend thousands to buy a slingshot for their behinds.


Going for 2500 booty popper enhances the botty and tucks the tummy into position send a dm for details AVAILABLE

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