Domestic terrorists and 3 of the strangest Presidential candidates Kenya has ever had

Domestic terrorists and 3 of the strangest Presidential candidates Kenya has ever had
The great thing about living in a Democracy is that anybody can exercise their rights and participate in government. Well sometimes it works out, most times it does not though – love apparently did not Trump hate last year. Kenyans, naturally will not be left out of their own political process and Maina Njenga might be a changed man but rival bigwigs seem to have sensed some sort of threat from the former sect leader. We have had a few weirdos along our way to freedom here’s a few of them.

1. Joseph Hellon/Quincy Timberlake/Finger of God

This was an unmitigated mess. Wherever the two characters and alleged cult leaders got the idea to run for public office  is beyond anyone’s imagination. We also can’t forget to mention former KTN news anchor Esther Arunga who may have been going through some sort of brainwashing exercise throughout this period of time because she was all for this bizarre notion. It’s hard to imagine what would have happened to the country if these three were running it but we can get a little clue seeing as Quincy Timberlake is now in prison for killing his own son.

2. Kingwa Kamencu 

At first the idea of a fresh energised and educated face entering the political arena with such a bang seemed great. The Oxford graduate who was in her late twenties during the political storm that she caused was on the hot ticket to stardom. Well she didn’t very far in that respect. After failing to actually cash in on the promise. After ejecting herself from the race she was a constant figure in the media for a while before fading into tabloid obscurity.  From complaining about men randomly sliding into her DMS, lewd updates on her social media and releasing naked pictures of herself, Kingwa Kamencu has simply turned into a punchline that most people don’t even remember to joke about.

3. Plus Muiru 

It’s already tricky blending politics and religion and Plus Muiru might have been a popular figure but he was not without his controversies. The ‘Kuna nuru gizani’ champion allegedly raised hundreds of millions in an effort to secure his bid, he also happens to be one of the richest pastors in the country- running a TV ministry is apparently big business. Which raised concerns about the source of his wealth including some claims of swindling and conning churchgoers out of their money. Of course bado kuna nuru gizani.
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