Alcohol makes you better at sex – it depends though

Alcohol makes you better at sex – it depends though

Alcohol and sex many times go hand in hand and not always in a positive way. Alcohol makes us loose our inhibitions and does affect our judgement but does it also enhance the sexual experience? For everything leading up to the act, maybe. But for the actual sex, probably not. There will be blood pumping through your vessels at exciting speeds, which might heighten sexual arousal but in many cases it reduces the performance level in bed.

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Have you ever awoken from a night of binge drinking and found yourself with injuries you can’t explain? Same thing. Alcohol lowers sensitivity, so you might be in the mood but really head nowhere. People are different though and what might not work for you, might work out great for someone else. According to The Independent sex expert Dr Kat Van Kirk, he believes alcohol can prevent premature ejaculation, improve circulation and act as an aphrodisiac. Which might be good news for one of the participants but imbibing alcohol can also cause vaginal dryness, so bad news for the other.
Let’s also add on the potential risks that drunk sex poses, not using protection, sex injuries due to increased stamina and the general not really caring much. Alcohol is no alternative to real skill. Practice doe make perfect after all.

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