Is it really that serious? Ezekiel Mutua, the Fun-Police, seems to think so

Is it really that serious? Ezekiel Mutua, the Fun-Police, seems to think so

Comedians are not known exactly for holding back and that is a good thing no matter what people might say. We don’t go to comedy shows looking for a sermon, we go to laugh and sometimes we are laughing out of embarrassment, but we are laughing either way. If something is part of the human experience, then it’s fair game in comedy and sex is definitely part of the human experience.

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It would be great to get our hands on Ezekiel Mutua’s job description. Whoever delegated to him the task of making sure children and adult human beings hear and see no evil should step up because the current CEO of the of Kenya Film Classification Board is doing too much. “A stupid and horrible prank on Churchill Show.  An unfortunate idiotic foul drill, totally lacking in imagination and possibly the evidence of the beginning of the end of an era. That prank plus the idiotic meru-accident-laden village wag’s sex talk disguised as bicycle ride is against Programming Code for Free-to-air radio and television services in Kenya,” he posted on his social media after the controversial episode aired.

It is unrealistic to think that one person can control everything that is aired on national TV. It is also unrealistic to think that Churchill has creative control over what the cast on his show chooses to add into their acts. He gives them a platform and that is about it. Even the greatest comedians are known for being particularly raunchy.

A while back it was the Redykyullas comedy troupe that was on the receiving end of censorship. Funnyman and primary cross-dresser of the group John Kiarie, admitted on the show ‘Stori Yangu’ that he would get death threats and other scary things for impersonating the late Lucy Kibaki. That seems a bit more serious than taking a show off the air due to ‘technical hitches.’

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In the age of the internet a few jokes about sex should be the least of Ezekiel Mutua’s worries. Barring multiple parties from happening, censoring music videos and ads including one from giant soft drink company Coke–FYI Coke could wipe out our national debt if they wanted to and still remain one of the most profitable companies in the universe with the change–these are things he has decided to occupy his time with.

A poster for the Project X party Ezekiel Mutua made sure did not happen.

Comedians should remain one of the sections of the population who are allowed to speak their mind, because if they can’t charm you while criticising you, who will?

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