Is a stay-at-home dad the most unattractive thing in the world?

Is a stay-at-home dad the most unattractive thing in the world?

Although more often than not women get the short end of the stick, universally speaking. Women are given impossible standards of beauty to uphold to and expected to age slower than their male counterparts. But once in a while it turns out having a ‘womanly’ trait is considered an asset instead of a weakness.

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In most people’s minds if you were born female, you automatically have the maternal gene. Despite the anecdotal evidence and common sense that proves this wrong. Not every woman is meant to be a mother and not every mother is a good one. So maybe it just so happens you have a husband who talks ‘baby-speak’ better than you or has a knack for the whole parenting thing. If he decides to stay at home and watch the children does it somehow make him less of a man?

As we used to say a ‘traditional’ mindset would opine yes. The only people who have to make some sort of personal sacrifices when raising children are women. That’s what usually happens anyway.

Leaving aside the ‘better parenting’ aspect that might bring about a stay-at-home father status quo. There are situations where the woman is the primary breadwinner and although that is a whole other kettle of fish, this might necessitate her going back to work as soon as she possibly can after giving birth. Does this doubly look bad for a man? Or is this one area where we can admit there is a double standard when it comes to men.

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Having a double income household is well and good but not the realty that everyone faces. Sometimes we just have to bite the bullet. Instead of looking at it as a loss of masculinity, because raising children has nothing to do with being or not being masculine, it should be an attempt to better understand your other half. The same way, a father would probably stand out at a ‘Mommies Meet’ is the same way a woman stands out in a boardroom. The sad thing being that it’s hard to find a woman who is happy and successful without being reduced to the constituent parts of those successes. Society tells you, you are either one or the other, never both.

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It definitely takes some getting used to and a man choosing to take care of his children while the woman forges her career path, should be the most appealing thing a husband could do for his wife. Not the other way round.

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