6 Results from Roundtable Forum held by Dr. Evans Kidero and Kara

6 Results from Roundtable Forum held by Dr. Evans Kidero and Kara

1.Pursuant to Section 6 of the Nairobi City County community and Neighbourhood Association Engagement Act.

A Cooperation Agreement was signed with the County Government to provide a legal and structured framework for implementation of the Act. The agreement highlights specific service delivery areas where Kara and the County Government shall collaborate and also provide for the obligations of each Party. Bona fide members of Kara will benefit greatly from this arrangement as we will be able to effectively and efficiently address their issues in collaboration with the County Government.

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2.Residents Association through Kara to be represented in Various Committee of the County Government.

Governor directed that Resident Associations through Kara be represented in various Committees of the County Government so that their issues can be articulated and taken into consideration when making decisions. Some of the Committees where the Associations will be represented include The Planning Approval Committee; Environment Committee; Transport Committee; Liquor Licensing Board.

3.Liaison Committee from County Government and Kara to be established.

It was agreed that a Liaison Committee having representation from the County Government and Kara will be established to mediate any emerging issues between Resident Associations and the County Government and prevent the issue of going to Court

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4.Issues Committed to being addressed by various Residents Associations in the next three months.

The County Government committed to address all the specific issues raised by various Resident Associations within the next three months and provide progress update

5.Next Roundtable Forum to be held on June 20, 2017, for more engagements.

Updates on the steps the County Government has taken to address the issues presented by Resident Associations and also discuss any emerging service delivery issues with a view to agreeing on the necessary solutions.

6. Governor urged the residents to join Kara as members to enable county engagement.

The Governor urged all Resident Associations to join Kara as members so that the County Government can effectively engage the Associations in a coordinated way. In this regard, we request members who are yet to renew their membership and those who are not yet members to do so as soon as possible.

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