Jeff Koinange’s nine lives on and off TV screens

Jeff Koinange’s nine lives on and off TV screens
  • Jeff Koinange debuts on Citizen TV on Wednesday 1st March 2017 with ‘Jeff Koinange Live’
  • He is a controversial journalists who is known for straight talk and a vast experience in the media industry
  • Jeff’s reportage has impacted major events from all across the African continent and led to global action. His reflection of life on the continent to CNN’s global audience is unprecedented
  • Jeff is the first African in history to win an Emmy/ and notably the first African to win a Peabody, and also the first African National to be awarded a Vernon Jarrett, and the Prix Bayeux

Kenyan Emmy award-winning journalist and talk show host Jeff Koinange is a man with nine lives, literally! The 51-year-old has been controversially on and off TV screens and each time he bounces back, he is nine times ‘alive’ than he was the last time. From his controversial departure from CNN in 2007 to bouncing back with Capital talk on the bench on K24, a TV station he pioneered and catapulted single-handedly to fame between 2008 and 2012 with the catchphrase; ‘all Kenyan all the time’, Jeff has cut a niche that only he can execute. Prior to his time at CNN, Jeff had worked for Reuters and ABC News in the US with remarkable achievements during his time with the stations.

Jeff reporting on rebels in 2006 for CNN.

After successfully setting up K24 TV and drawing viewers to the new station, it was once again time to leave. This time, he took a longer hiatus, during that time, it was rumoured that he had secured a job with a South African TV station. That rumour never saw the light of day nor the darkness of the night as soon after, he was back on the bench on KTN where he hosted his live talk show twice a week. His charisma just like in the past drew his fans to his new home where he hosted the late night show on Wednesdays and Thursdays propelling the station’s ratings to even greater heights.

On the bench with Koffi Annan.

Before his departure from KTN last year, the media council of Kenya had warned TV station KTN and show host Jeff Koinange against violating journalistic practice following a squabble between Nairobi governor aspirants Miguna Miguna and Esther Passaris that got out of hand on Jeff Koinange’s watch as the moderator. A video clip shared on social media showed Miguna Miguna exchange fiercely with rival Passaris during the show’s commercial break with the duo’s arguments getting personal laced with hate and malice. All this while, Koinange and the crew are seen from the video unshaken and laughing at the argument which later on elicited mixed reactions and a public uproar that led to his public apology and subsequent departure from the station.

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Known for his interviewing skills, great command of the English language, witty theatrics that make his audience sit back, perseverance has been Jeff Koinange’s backbone in his career as a journalist that spans over 25 years. With the political whirlwind gathering momentum, Jeff Koinange has once again found a new home; Citizen Tv where he will debut Wednesday 1st March 2017 with his signature self-titled show; ‘Jeff Koinange Live’ and just like he has always done, he says the show will be smoking.

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Jeff Koinange at the Citizen TV studios.

And just like that, thousands of Jeff Koinange fans wait in anticipation as the clock ticks to his debut. Once again, he emerges victorious and he will be flying his flag to his audience. ‘And you know what folks, you just cant make this stuff up,’

Here are 9 awards associated with Jeff Koinange:

  1. 2005 Television Emmyfor coverage of the devastating famine in the West African nation of Niger. The Primetime Emmy Award is a symbol of peer recognition from over 16,000 Television Academy members. An Emmy Award recognises excellence in the television industry. Academy Award (for film), Tony Award (for theatre), Grammy Award (for music).
  2. 2006 George Foster PEABODY Award for his coverage of the devastating effects of Hurricane Katrina. The George Foster Peabody Award (Peabody Award) recognises distinguished and meritorious public service by radio and television stations, networks, producing organisations and individuals. The Peabody Awards judging process is unusually rigorous. Judges seek “Excellence On Its Own Terms.”
  3. 2006 Vernon Jarrett Bronze Medal for ‘Best Feature’ on ‘Mass Rapes in the Congo’. The Vernon Jarrett Institute awards the medal, for journalistic excellence, annually to exceptional journalists. It honour’s outstanding coverage of people of African descent and the issues that impact their lives.
  4. 2006 The Prix Bayeux for War Correspondents for humanely reporting on the civil war in the Congo.
  5. Since I994, the city of Bayeux, associated with Calvados General Council organises this award to pay tribute to journalists who are working in hazardous conditions to allow access to free information.
  6. 2006 Finalist of the Diageo Awards for Business Reporting in Africa.
  7. 2007 Finalist of the Diageo Awards for Business Reporting in Africa.
  8. 2007 Vernon Jarrett Bronze Medal and ‘Famine in Malawi’.
  9. 2008 The Moran of the Order of The Burning Spear (MBS).


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