4 predictions that will come true in 2017

4 predictions that will come true in 2017

Mark this day down on your calendars folks. The day that everything will be revealed.

1. Prezzo is a Kanye West-type genius

Everyone is tired of hearing about El Presidente, so much so that we have forgotten that he used to be a rapper. He has been boiled down to a ‘socialite,’ but what if this is all just performance art. If Prezzo wasn’t keen on making headlines we would not be talking about him at all. His contemporaries have moved on to other careers, but since he insists on retaining the rap thing, this might just be the explanation for it. Four months from now we’ll see it all unfold and his genius will leave us gob smacked. His drug use, emotional outbursts, consistent problems with authority and a crippling issues with maintaining a healthy relationship are all romanticised indications of a person with some real artistic capabilities.

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2. Vera Sidika will reveal the source of her wealth

sidika na gari

Listen, we get it, these girls are hustlers. They have some businesses that they work in plus a couple of other endorsements and appearances but really, come on. There is no way that you’ll be lounging in Presidential Suites in 5 star hotels and taking random trips across the world on appearances alone. Even Kim Kardashian is home enough to film her reality show—she made $51 Million dollars last year FYI. Vera Sidika is in the subject line because unlike her fellow ‘fem-trepreneur’ Huddah Monroe, who genuinely seems to be on that grind—the girl is trying to stack her paper—she seems to make a bigger splash with less things going on.

3. BFFs Uhuru and Ruto will break up


Elections are upon us and many relationships will be tested, even the ones that seem solid. Not to say that any relationship built on politics is a solid one, but Uhuru and his Deputy seem to have held up decently despite the ICC coming for them, internal Jubilee wrangles and even the occasional dressing down that Uhuru lobs Ruto’s way. Well let’s just see how well their special relationship maintains in the midst of the chaos that is sure to come.

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4. Mike Sonko will become Nairobi Governor

Just spit-balling, there is no scientific evidence to prove that Mike Sonko will win the seat. But compared to his opponents the man has one thing going for himself, he believes in himself. The US Election last year showed us that you can’t keep a stubborn person down and that’s all that Sonko needs. Who’s not to say that he actually does some good while he’s at it.

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