Two reasons why LG smartphones are good for your relationship

Two reasons why LG smartphones are good for your relationship
  • Smartphones have redefined self-expression through innovative tools such as voice, video and picture messaging
  •  By breaking down distance barriers, these tools have enabled users to achieve that all important emotional connection with their loved ones through mobile phones
  • The LG V20 is about empowering you to do everything and enjoy good times with the one you love

Relationships in today’s modern world have changed, and one of the key catalysts for this change has been technology. Barriers such as distance have been brought down by smartphones that support Instant Messaging and video calls.

In a particular way, the smartphone has taken center stage in our daily routine, including influencing how we interact with the ones we love. The smartphone has evolved and is no longer just a platform for simple voice communication, but a medium by which we express ourselves to those we love. You will be surprised how many happy marriages can be traced back to a “hi” and a smiley face on a messaging app on a smart phone.

Relationship experts affirm that smartphones can actually play a positive role in strengthening relationships, as the LG V20 smartphone affirms

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The LG V 20


1. People in mind

The LG V20’s design elements and features align to a fundamental LG operational pillar—people. The brand has a strong social emphasis and always asks: how does this product fit into the daily routine of people?

LG understands that the most memorable moments with our loved ones are the spontaneous ones. We never really plan for happiness; it just happens. That is why you need technology that enables you to capture and share these happy moments as and when they occur.

In this regard, the powerful camera capabilities of the LG V20 smartphone enables users to capture special moments with their loved ones in astounding detail, and even edit content on the fly before posting it to social media to share with friends.

2. LG culture

“Life is Good” has always been the rallying call of LG. The brand is all about celebrating life and making it better. Even when you do have a smartphone and can communicate with the one you love while on travel, sometimes you just need a hug, a handshake or a pat on the back. This is something you can only do when you have to face-to-face interactions.

That is why LG believes that smartphones should supplement your presence but not replace it. They should foster connectivity and togetherness with a view to strengthening your relationship. 

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