Celeb Chat with Trap King Chrome: “I feel embarrassed and ashamed because I was so gullible and trusting.”

Celeb Chat with Trap King Chrome: “I feel embarrassed and ashamed because I was so gullible and trusting.”

Trap King Chrome is a man on a mission. The emcee breaks the details down for XACCESS and this time he really is not taking any prisoners. He has quite a few choice words concerning where he’s been, the things he’s seen, his exit from Grandpa Records and his future that is sure to be blindingly bright. Here’s the juice.

What have you been up to lately?

I left Grandpa Records so I’m a free agent and I like it this way, right now I’m working on my growing company, called GTP Gang aka Get That Paper Gang. It’s an independent record label and clothing line. But in terms of the music, I’m dealing with it in a more western way in terms of business.

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How has that process been like so far?

It’s been an emotional roller-coaster. 2017 is about doing everything myself with my in-house team and freelancers. Sometimes when you want something done, you have to do it yourself. That’s what this industry has taught me, but it’s made me stronger.

​​Is this where you though you would be at this point in your career?

Everything happens for a reason. But due to my trusting nature, I wasted too much time on the wrong people that sold stories to me about how much they could get things done, it was a real set back. So I’m just trying to recover the time I lost.

There’s been a lot of noise coming out of the Grandpa government ​​lately, do you have anything to say about that?

In my personal opinion, I left because I spent a lot of money with continuous false promises being continuously handed to me and my mother who is my co-investor. We spent almost half a million. I feel embarrassed and ashamed because I was so gullible and trusting. I got ripped off, like I’ve been with Grandpa Records spending money since 2014 June, yet they promised to promote my music, and have done nothing in terms of promotion. I feel like Lil Wayne. They wouldn’t drop anything.

‘Bring Em Out’ was to remind the people that some people are just all talk no action.

Why did you choose to sign on to Grandpa?

My friends told me about Grandpa Records breaking in new artistes to the game. I checked them out and liked what I saw. I didn’t want to fly back to London without leaving my mark musically. I actually wanted to go back flying the Kenyan flag before conquering my London city too. I set up a meeting with Ref [Refigah] and we had an agreement that promo will be involved and that we’d work on splits. Which was great, but that’s back in 2014. If they are actually promoting, how come my song ain’t on radio? TV? Etc. It’s not even on their social media, yet I’ve spent almost half a mill. That can’t be for recording 4 songs yet I paid for a video by Thome (Jaguar’s One Centimeter remix) which was never edited or finished for 165k.

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What inspired ‘Bring Em Out’?

Khaligraph, Kristoff [laughs]! Actually a lot of Kenyan rappers not just them. I mean we can all brag, but who does it the best? Who’s really talking the truth? He said he’s a king, Well ‘King’ is my middle name. I just feel like I have a lyrical point to prove and all these emcees are my punching bags. ‘Bring Em Out’ was to remind the people that some people are just all talk no action.

What do you think of the current state of the hip-hop industry?

Right now in terms of Kenya, I feel we are moving on up and honestly because of versatile rappers like Khaligraph and Videz Hybrid taking music to different lengths. I am also a part of that as I represent Kenyan music in a lot of foreign countries outside of Africa. But we as Kenyan musicians need to be respected by our own industry, like, how are you going to pay Chris Brown 9 million but give the so – called ‘President of hip hop’, Prezzo 30k for a show? That’s sad.


Do you think beef is a necessary thing in order to stay sharp in the game?

This beef thing can be handled in different ways, but in reality we won’t all like each other. And if you are going to go around saying you’re ‘King of Hip Hop’ I’m definitely saying something because no one has touched the crown on my head. I’m coming from a musical perspective, it’s better in a song than on the streets cause I’m sure no one wants that. That’s why we do music. Win some, lose some and I haven’t taken an L yet.

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How is the future looking for Trap King Chrome?

I don’t wanna talk too much on that to be honest, you know people like to hate and sabotage. Just watch out ‘cause Get That Paper Gang, the label and clothing line are coming through this year. Join us.

If you had any advice for your 15-year-old self what would it be?

Don’t rush to get in this game. Take your time and be patient because success doesn’t happen overnight. You have to grind, hard work and time pays off with dedication. Music will always be here. Make money first ‘cause it’s expensive and you will have to lose a lot before earning a lot. Don’t believe everything you hear just because you believe it’s coming from a credible source, sometimes the source is ‘Suge Knight’. Last but not least, always be true to you.

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