Why does Redsan keep his head covered? An investigation

Why does Redsan keep his head covered? An investigation

Swabri Mohammed has been in the industry for so long that youngsters these days view him as some relic of a bygone age. The musician was around when kapuka was still finding its feet and setting up a new era in the Kenyan music industry. He’s been a constant figure for a while and so it’s not difficult to see how he might be perceived as a ‘baba’ by some. He’s still making hits so he must be drinking for a fountain of relevance that even newer artistes have no idea how to access. But one question, what’s with the headgear?

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For as long as we can recall he has always favoured some covering on his head that never misses no matter what the situation might be. Even while meeting dignitaries Redsan will don a button up shirt, slacks and a do-rag. This man went to the UNON Director General office in an immaculate black suit, a tie and a shiny black do-rag. Then there was the time he met Raila Odinga, still, with one of those slicked back cloths on his head. He really is keeping that 90s/early 2000s fire still burning because people stopped wearing those things a long time ago.

Redsan with UNON Director General (centre) Visitor Service Chief and UNIC Director. PHOTO/UNON

The strange thing is that do-rags were meant to keep relaxed hair from looking like a mess. Many women still wear scarves on their heads—relaxed or not—while they sleep and there was a time when men boasting the sleek look was the height of fashion. Those were odd times and somehow the do-rag transformed into something men just wear for the sake of looking stylish.

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From what is visible Redsan has dreads on his head and no practical use for a do-rag. Sometimes he even wears a hat on top of the thing. It is just about impossible to find a picture of the artiste without something on his head. Which begs the question ‘does he in fact have anything at the top of his head? Or is this a decades long gag that we have all fallen for?’ Maybe the crown of his head is a bare expanse that bears no fruit.

Here he is literally sliding into Nameless’ DMs. PHOTO/GITOBU EDWIN/X NEWS

Oddly enough although the headgear seems like it should be inappropriate at times he seems to pull it off no matter the circumstance, maybe his muscly arms have something to do with it. But still, it’s been almost 20 years since he came up on the scene, we the people demand a sneak peak, something more than the one blurry throwback photo that we have.

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