Celeb Chat with 125: “If all of us had money we would be at an international level.”

Celeb Chat with 125: “If all of us had money we would be at an international level.”

125 is a name that we will all soon be hearing endlessly and the trio deserves all the hype in the world. Ray Nyatome aka Mr Classic, Sydney Nyatome aka Sydney 125 and Duncan Masika aka DanDan all collectively make the bubbling under powerhouse that 125 is set out to be. XACCESS caught up with Ray and Sydney and this is what you need to know about them.

How did you get your start?

Ray: Well at first we were a duo, me and Duncan then after a few years Sydney came along. That’s when 125 started taking its current form.

Did you all know each other before forming the band?

Sydney: Yeah, we’ve known each other for a long time. We live in the same area so we used to play football together when we were younger.

Why did you decide to get into music?

Ray: Music is in our blood. It’s a family thing for both of us. The parents were musicians and my big brother, Didge is also an artiste. So that’s how it went. We had the love for it and decided ‘Why not?’

Do you have one word that can describe your music?

Sydney: I wouldn’t want to do that because once you decide that ‘this is the kind of music that we do’ we would be putting ourselves in a box. We can’t say we are hip hop artistes because we do more than hip hop music, we do RnB, we do jazz, kapuka. If you listen to our upcoming album that we are about to release you will get a variety of music not just one set sound.

Ray: It’s a blend of many things we pick up along the way. So it’s hip hop, jazz, RnB, zouk. It’s a fusion.

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You’ve talked about your album, is that what you are working on currently?

Ray: The album is pretty much done. We are just tightening up some loose ends but we’ve been dropping singles for a while now and we are going to release more stuff so watch this space.

What would you say is the message of your music?

Sydney: Positivity. We just try and release music that passes that message on as much as possible. There are many people some of them even artistes who believe that music does not pay or that it’s not a real career. Parents also have this stigma that if their child wants to do music they are wasting time. So we try and make music that radiates positivity despite all the negative stuff that’s happening around.

Do you do music full-time?

Sydney: Personally, this is all I do full-time. I’m also enrolled at the Berklee College of music but I’m doing the course online.

Who inspires your music?

Ray: They are so many artistes. If I started right now unaezajaza kitabu. Well my brother first, Bien from Sauti Sol especially when you look at where they are right now.

Are there other artistes you would love to work with from the country?

Sydney: Nyashinski. He’s different, he’s a little like us in that way. He sings and raps and he’s dope at doing both of those things.

Ray: Dela too, actually one of the first songs we made as a band, we did with Dela. Also Wangeci, and Sauti Sol.

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What are the major challenges you’ve face trying to break into the industry?

Sydney: Money. We are very good at grinding but if all of us had money we would be at an international level.

Ray: We’ve also encountered some dodgy promoters who just run off with our cash. Like we’d go do a gig then the promoters disappear afterwards. It’s not like we don’t get paid, we do, but it’s still a challenge.


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