Do pastors need to produce papers before leading the flock? The answer is yes.

Do pastors need to produce papers before leading the flock? The answer is yes.

Religious leaders have more power in their hands than politicians in many cases. If your pastor said something was true you would have a more feverish urge to believe him than if your MP said the same thing. Take this unbelievable example as a case study; how many times have you read in the news that a pastor ordered female members of the congregation to strip naked? There is a particularly popular photo that has circulated on the net showing a group of women on a beach, in the buff, on their hands and knees with a pastor ‘blessing’ their backsides. It’s not clear whether the Man of God is Nigerian or South African but the picture is still very much present.

An individual identified as Prophet Penuel Mnguni –who decided that he should be a prophet?—of Tshwane, South Africa occasionally did the stripping method without discrimination because according to him,

“God placed Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden with no clothes on, and because they had faith in the Lord, they didn’t even know they were undressed.”

We are not in the Garden of Eden though.

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There’s also other tactics that these phonies employ. There was the insecticide spraying pastor, another one who literally walks all over their congregation, the snake-feeding pastor and let’s not forget the Kenyan pastor, Reverend Njohi of the Lord’s Propeller Redemption Church who banned women from wearing underwear in church. If your pastor told you to eat grass to go to heaven, you would probably do it more readily than if your local legislator told you to do the same for a job. Both of these predicaments are unethical.

Who approves of these approaches? There is no guarantee that a pastor stepping all over you will cure you of a chronic ailment. If anything it will only make things worse. The church business seems to be unimaginably unregulated and the sooner we realise that it is in fact a business, the better, despite some ornamental laws being put in place in 2016. The Standard reports that new rules require clerics to submit certificates of good conduct and their theological training certificates. Has your pastor done the same or are you going to a church that was built on one person’s arbitrary beliefs? Even the most popular pastors in the country have hazy origin stories.

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James Maina Ng’ang’a came from a humble background, he had a few problems with the law and out of nowhere the Neno Evangelism Church materialized. Pastor Kanyari’s mother, ‘Prophetess’ Lucy Nduta, claimed to have the cure for HIV, then there is Pastor Thomas Wahome of the Helicopter Of God Ministries who charges Sh.3600 for members of the congregation who want to know whether they will get into heaven or not because of course Pastor Wahome is the one who knows your true heart.

It might be due to God’s favour or maybe even good karma but why is it that pastors seem to only get wealthier as their congregations keep searching.

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