Corruption cancer that has stifled Kenya since independence

Outgoing chairman of the Ombudsman Otiende Amolo said everything is perfect in terms of law and institutions and its impunity among Kenyans that is still a major setback in the fight against corruption.

“There is too much impunity especially in the Civil Service, people know the right thing to do but since they know they have a ‘powerful person’ somewhere within the corridors of government they don’t care what they are engaging in,” Otiende Amolo

Change of mindset from all individuals and not necessarily the law and instutions “We have perfect laws, some of the office holders are also people of high integrity-not all though’ but unless Kenyans themselves are willing to move away from corruption it’s a culture that we will leave with forever.

The practice has to be stopped before it occurs but once it has happened, then it will not be easy to undo the damage already caused-it is possible but the legal wheel normally takes time to round.

Executive Director Transparency International Samuel Kimeu said there is no good will from both politicians and even Kenyans themselves.

“It’s a sad state that we are in but it’s more sad that there is no goodwill to move out of it anytime soon, we still see cases rising with no one being put task or account,” Kimeu

We celebrate those engaging in malpractices in our country, we even want them to lead us and continue to misuse the resources we have—Kimeu

Kimeu pointed out to a recent public finger pointing of instutions tasked to deal with corruption at State House as the main indicator that no one has passion to take the lead and complete responsibility of fighting graft.

“When those tasked with core function of fighting graft are blaming each other, then you know we have a big problem and a long way as far as fighting corruption is concerned, tell me where then a ‘common man’ should report corruption case,” Kimeu said.

According to a study released in January 2016 by the East African Institute, young people said they admire corrupt wealthy people in the society and would also take a bribe as long as they do not end up in jail.

The report titled Kenya Youth Survey Report, indicated that 47 per cent of those interviewed said they admired the people who have made money through “hook or crook” while another 35 per cent said they would readily give or take a bribe.

Interestingly, 30 per cent of the respondents said they believed being corrupt was profitable. More men 20 per cent) said they admired people who acquire their money and wealth through questionable means compared with women 17.8 per cent).

The report also showed that four out of 10 young people would vote for a political candidate if he paid them to do so.


Former Anti-corruption Czar John Githongo has rated the Jubilee administration as the most corrupt regime since independence and it has no will and vigor to fight corruption.

Githongo now the CEO of a Non-Governmental Organization Inuuka Kenya accused Jubilee administration of participating in corruption instead of taming it.

Former chairman of the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission Patrick Lumumba blamed Kenyans for accepting corruption as a way of life and are actively participating it.

Lumumba who was hounded out of office by MP’s, said Kenyans complain about corruption yet they elect the same corrupt leaders who continue to perpetuate the vice.

“Everybody loves corruption and people are just waiting for their turn to steal. Nobody hates it it’s just that they have not has a chance to steal too,” Lumumba said.

In parliament, various committees tasked with putting those in authority accountable on financial matters have tried in interrogating those alleged to have engaged in various scams but their reports have yielded little as per the expectation of Kenyans.

Chairman senate Public Accounts Committee Anyang’ Nyong’o said the fight against corruption requires concerted effort and most importantly from the government of the day.

“As a committee we can do as much, we can call all Governors as we have been doing but other agencies such as the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission, Office of the Director of Public Prosecution, the police and the Director of Public Prosecution must all also play their role, otherwise our work will be in futility,” Nyong’o said.

Nyong’o said some Governors don’t take the committee seriously and have been going to court to seek temporary orders baring the committee from grilling them hence there is need even for the judiciary to work closely with parliamentary watchdogs in order to win the war on corruption.

Chairman Public Accounts Committee in the National Assembly Nicholas Gumbo said the committee has done a good job in interrogating those mentioned in various scandals to book but they are not the implementing agencies.

“As a committee we can only recommend that action needs to be taken for a particular person suspected to have engaged in a corrupt deal, we don’t do the implementation of the report that function lies with another agency,” Gumbo said.

Gumbo however said that the weakest link is the instutions task with fighting corruption saying if there can proper coordination between the investigative authorities, the courts and other agencies then the war on corruption can easily be won in the country.

The new Chief Justice David Maraga has said fighting corruption is his top agenda and has urged members of the Judiciary not to let him down in achieving his objective.

“I have made a public commitment that fighting corruption will form a significant part of my transformation agenda and I am determined to succeed, so don’t fail me,” Maraga earlier said.



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