Kenya: The country with 40 million political experts

Kenya: The country with 40 million political experts

Starting this off as a high school essay, political process is defined in the Law Dictionary as the method used where the candidates for a public office are nominated and then elected. In this country we abuse the political process like a drug because religion is not the opium of the masses, politics is.

In no other country on this continent will you find so many people who could lay claim to having a PhD in political science than our very own. Everybody is an expert and everybody is right and everybody is wrong. Those kamukunjis that happen right near Nakumatt City Hall should be enough of an indication. Citizens have every right to participate in the goings on, politically, of their country because in one way or another what goes on in Parliament will affect them. Whether they have a full understanding of those proceedings or not.

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Celebrities also somehow seem to have got into their heads that since they have a platform and many listeners that they should slingshot their way right into the August House. In many developing countries, politicians actually need to have experience in the political field before they decide that what they are going to do is run for a bigger public office. Here all you need is a deep pocket. Well, there too, but here it’s a joke.

P-Unit’s Francis Hamisi, better known as Frasha seems like a perfectly decent human being, why he would decide to go sully his image by entering into such murky waters is beyond comprehension. That song he released in a strip club is virginal compared to the messiness of politics.

We know there’s a lot of taxpayer money that is misappropriated and just plainly pilfered by our leaders and sadly this is just something we have come to make peace with–Chickengate cost Sh.46m of your money–we are number 145 out 176 on the corruption index after all. This is also the same country where MPs have threatened to ‘chop off their rival’s manhood’, Senators belligerently brandish weapons in broad daylight and let’s not forget all those fights that break out in Parliament.

Singer Jaguar is another musician who should keep doing what he’s doing and leave the politics to the hyenas. Granted he might be one of the most charitable celebrities around but that might soon change.  And Boniface Mwangi who might have first-hand experience of just how ruthless politics is, has thrown his hat into the ring.

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Now comes Haggah Macharia, although this is very sad if any of those poorly photoshopped posters is anything to go by.

A parody DP account even gave this woman a co-sign.

Real or not the raucous she caused was alarming. Hatuko pamoja hapa.

Is her actual name ‘Haggah’? Yes women you will be represented by a backside.

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