TRAGIC! Missing JKUAT student was killed over a Weetabix argument

TRAGIC! Missing JKUAT student was killed over a Weetabix argument

Grace Mwaura had ‘insulted his Weetabix’

22-year-old Grace Mwaura, who went missing sometime last week, was found dead with parts of her body hidden inside a bucket in the ceiling of her parent’s home. Other body parts believed to belong to her were discovered in a coffee plantation in Juja. The killing has been described as ‘ritualistic’ as her eyes had been gouged out, her limbs cut up and her face had been skinned.

The victim’s brother, a 24-year-old by the name of Charles has been arrested for the heinous crime. The brother soon became a suspect as he had fled right after the victim’s remains had been found. “We asked him to bring a torch to help us search but he took off. We want to know why and we suspect he may be involved,” said a detective speaking to Magazine Reel. According to police Charles had got into an argument with Grace Mwaura, where she had insulted his Weetabix and he proceeded to attack her and attempt to hide her remains. He later confessed to the killing and had reportedly attempted to commit suicide.

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More strikes, what’s new?

Lecturers from public universities in the country may force the government to suspend the semester if they continue their strike, Nation reports. The reasoning behind the latest strike is naturally salaries and yet again for another year the lecturers have been forced to down their teaching tools to be heard. This happens every year and yet the government never really seems prepared for it. Education CS Fred Matiang’i assured that a resolution would be met but UASU Secretary General Constantine Wasonga insists that the fight is still on. “Only participate in activities organised by Uasu, beware of propaganda, fake news and disinformation and become an UASU ambassador,” he said in a statement to the Nation.

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3 things to do when a strike becomes violent

Students sit in protest during a mass demonstration on the steps of Jameson Hall at the University of Cape Town, October 22, 2015. South Africa’s President Jacob Zuma said on Thursday he will meet student leaders and university authorities on Friday to discuss planned hikes in tuition fees that have sparked a week of nationwide protests, some of which have turned violent. REUTERS/Mark Wessels TPX IMAGES OF THE DAY – RTS5OBK


1. Keep your head down

You may or may not be one of the protestors but that doesn’t mean that you want get caught up in the fray. Just stay out of harm’s way.

2. Watch out for police dogs and batons

They hurt and there’s no need to get injured in a situation that could have easily been avoidable.

3. Leave as soon as you can

When you get an opportunity to run for your life, get out of there because very soon you just might have to do that. Leave as soon as you get the feeling things might take a turn for the worst.

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