6 things you should know about the brain tumour Big Kev is battling

6 things you should know about the brain tumour Big Kev is battling

Big Kev has been a mainstay in the entertainment industry for over two decades and the news that he has had recurrent brain tumours for 8 of those years has been a shock to many. Here is what you should know.

1. Men are more likely to get deadly brain tumours than women

A few studies have gone on to try and explain why this is so. Washington State University journal The Source claims, researchers found that retinoblastoma protein (RB), a protein known to reduce cancer risk, is significantly less active in male brain cells than in female brain cells. Males have a lower five-year survival rate; that is, percentage of patients alive 5 years after the disease has been diagnosed, when compared to females with brain cancer.

2. Headaches are usually the first sign of brain cancer

Although obviously not every headache you have means that you should go worrying yourself. These headaches tend to be severe, debilitating and cannot be reduced with over the counter painkillers. Abrupt movements such as coughing and sneezing would make the pounding worse. They are caused by a rise in pressure in the skull.

3. A brain tumour can affect your sense of smell

Some people have claimed that the smell of ‘burnt toast’ has plagued them before realising that they had brain cancer but research shows that there is no particular smell to watch out for. The onset of a stroke can mirror this effect too. Cancer could even affect your ability smell anything all.

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4. Brain cancer can take on a psychological aspect

Changes in a sufferer’s behaviour such as mood swings and hallucinations have been known to happen. This depends on the part of the brain the tumour is putting pressure on.  The frontal lobe of the brain is responsible for behaviour, personality and mood. If enough pressure is put on this area, there could be a noticeable change in behaviour from an ailing person.

5. The cause of brain tumours is not known

Apart from having a genetic slant towards it and being exposed to carcinogenic materials the root of brain cancer is still shrouded in mystery. The fact that the brain is well-protected from exposure to harmful materials makes understanding the cause harder.

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6. Early detection will save your life

The most deadly type of brain cancer is Glioblastoma multiforme (GBM) with a survival rate of 14% – 17%. Some other cancers such as Oligodendroglioma have a survival rate of 85% with early detection, while Ependymoma has one of 91%.

Big Kev on his bed in Nairobi hospital told his family members that he would want to meet me before he is taken to a surgery ! First was Bruce Odhiambo who told me about a concert in carnivore about raising the funds for our friend Big Kev on this Friday but today Thursday everyone was calling me about the message Big Kev wanted to give me on his hospital bed . I couldn't hold my tears after he spoke to me . God has spoken to me through him . He requested this song Nipe Nguvu .

Nimbona Kidum Jean Pierre 发布于 2017年2月2日

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