President Uhuru’s love affair with checked shirts

Our President loves him some plaid.

Now this is not to say that we have the most stylish President in the world, that honour belongs to none other than Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto—who has been evading Trump and his wall like the plague and still manages to work the Mexican flag in his tie. But our President seems to have taken some excellent fashion advice given by Vogue Creative Director Grace Coddington, have a uniform.

Let us all purge from our memories the context of this image

The man wears his checked shirts the way Barack Obama wore his white sleeves rolled up, when he’s about grease his elbows and press some flesh, that is to say when he’s out and about. Particularly when he’s giving public addresses jutting out of some Four-wheel drive with a sunroof. Now if this is an attempt to seem more likeable, we are not aware, we just know that this is what he chooses.

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This wasn’t always the case and the checked shirts seem like a relatively recent addition to his wardrobe. His earlier campaign efforts show him in dress shirts, which must have been impractical considering this country’s climate.

He has come a long way with his fashion, his suits even fit now. The colourful, extravagant Jubilee Party launch that took place in September last year had our president in a red varsity jacket, despite all we can say about that over the top affair, that was a pretty cool move.

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On the days that Uhuru Kenyatta still has to meet with people and sign some things on a desk, the President favours a long sleeved shirt with some sort of loud African/Eastern print on it. Occasionally, he even wears pink, like that time he waved a flag near a tractor or the multiple times he has worn a lilac tie and gone to meet other heads of state; we have a very fashion forward Commander-in-Chief. Also, remember the time, DP William Ruto wore jeans and Chucks on his birthday?


The plaid shirts show Uhuru Kenyatta at his finest, he’s not much of a man of the people but when he dons these button downs he transforms into a sort of human being. The clothing item makes him seem like a regular mwananchi who got his weekend interrupted and had to rush to work and that is something many of us can relate to. Plus checked shirts have a distinct origin, a distinctly British origin and we can’t help see the poetry in our current President wearing the pattern that our former oppressors invented.

-Photos UHURU KENYATTA, Twitter




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