Jubilee is ‘paper tiger’, says Orengo amid drug trafficking brawls

Jubilee is ‘paper tiger’,  says Orengo amid drug trafficking brawls

Siaya Senator James Orengo has laughed off Jubilee government ability to win the fight against use and trafficking of drugs at the Kenyan coast.

Orengo says President Uhuru Kenyatta –led administration has failed miserably terming the recent efforts by government as a ‘paper tiger’.

“Jubilee is just a paper tiger during the day and toothless at night,” Orengo said.

He  said:  “The anti-drug campaign in the coast is a fraud, otherwise, why was evidence in the form of a ship and its load destroyed by the government when a trial was going in the high court in Mombasa?” Orengo asked.

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The senator said the government is losing track of the drug menace and has wrongly  turned its guns on opposition leadership in the Coast accusing them of any everything and anything.

“Jubilee has lost its campaigns in Western Kenya, in Kajiado and Narok and is fighting for space and recognition at the Coast,” he said

“They have failed miserably in the Coast as recently demonstrated by by-elections held in Kilifi County after induced defections,” the senator added.

Orengo said in the beginning a cocktail of election petitions were sponsored against targeted individuals, which he says were dismissed by the courts.

“Tramped up charges were then instituted but were quashed by the high court sitting in Malindi and Nairobi. The prosecutions could not see the light of the day. Then there were attempts to use the CID and EACC against CORD leaders at the coast and generally,” he reckoned.

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Orengo, who is also a senior counsel told the State should stop threatening the Opposition but instead if they have evidence against someone to prosecute them in the Court of Law.

He said the Government needs to deploy stringer measures if they want to win the war against drugs in the country.

“They can fight the drug menace by closing our borders to any form of illegal trade and drug trafficking. They have the police, the Army, the Air force and the Navy”, he said.

The extradition of the Akashas were pushed for by United States federal agencies and not on an account of Kenya’s drive to fight the scourge of drugs.

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