Who is Eunice Njeri and why is she taking up all your bandwidth?

Who is Eunice Njeri and why is she taking up all your bandwidth?
  • Eunice Njeri recently annulled her 66-day marriage
  • She mentioned that her “heart was somewhere else.”
  • Eunice Njeri allegedly ran off on the night of her wedding. 

For one Eunice Njeri is a gospel singer famous for such songs as ‘Nani Kama Wewe’, ‘Unatosha’ and ‘Nimekubali’, the former being popular for being used as a Skiza Tune. Eunice Njeri decided to travel to the US, for some reason and get married. Right after the wedding she changed her mind and saw fit that new husband Izzo, was not the man for her. Why it took her walking down the aisle to realise that she had made a mistake, is a mystery to this day.

In the initial statement that she had passed onto her fans Njeri touched on her inner turmoil and the decision she finally made, “Isaac and I did go to the altar to get married, but at the end of that day I realized one thing, i couldn’t do it my heart was somewhere else. Probably in Africa doing what I do best, am still trying to figure that out. I immediately left for Kenya and have been serving God the best way I know how.” She adds that no papers were signed and that the marriage was nothing more than smoke in the wind.

Our protagonist’s tale then takes a turn for the worst. She is exposed as a liar by the power of the internet. A fuzzy, potato quality video emerges from the bowels of YouTube showing Eunice Njeri and Isaac including their witnesses signing what appears to be marriage papers. It is later confirmed that these were just plain papers signed for dress-up sake but no, nobody wants to hear that.

It is a sad day for Eunice Njeri as KOT come for her relentlessly. Some state that she should not have wasted the money, while some highlight that this just how relationships work these days.

The pastor who officiated the wedding, Jackson Kingori of the Neema Gospel Church, speaks to the media and says that the main character of this tragic tale absconded with the documents and off she flew into the Kenyan wilderness never to be seen again leaving behind a heartbroken Izzo.

Some say that Eunice Njeri left her fiancé after realizing he did not have much in the bank while others state that she was being coerced into a marriage she had no desire to be in by outside forces, while Izzo still has not made any comment on his own pseudo-wedding. This ladies and gentlemen is why you should know who Eunice Njeri is.





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