Celeb Chat with Pascal Tokodi- “I also won Best Actor three years in a row, but I don’t want to brag “

Pascal Tokodi is a man with many titles including his tongue twister of a name, Pascalino Lpesinoi Lenguro Tokodi. He had a chat with XACCESS and behind the mystery lies more mystery but also a fun-loving, hilarious individual.

Let’s clarify all your jobs

Ok, I’m Pascal Tokodi. I’m a singer, actor, entertainer, human being.

You are a little mysterious and a little elusive

Not really but I also think there’s some beauty in that.

How did you get into acting?

My first gig after high school was ‘Makutano Junction’ so after that it was a slow steady journey. I’ve also been to many, many auditions. I did the whole drama festival thing in school and even won an award at the 2007 Chaguo la Teeniez, I also won Best Actor three years in a row, but I don’t want to brag [laughs]. But it was really encouraging getting feedback like that from my work since I was still in high school at the time.

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What has your most memorable role been?

I’ve done a couple of good roles that I can think of. ‘Pray & Prey’ was great for me, it was quite a challenging role as an actor but also ‘Groove Theory’ was interesting. I played a guy called Guy and I had to sing and act at the same time because it was a musical and I really loved that role. I was basically just playing Pascal. With the movies I’ve done, there’s one where I acted as a…I can’t talk about that. The movie is not out yet but you’ll know when you see it.


What do you think of the current state of the theatre industry in the country?

I think it’s growing and I think the industry has made some great strides. Right now we are having shows being broadcast in the FOX media family. There’ s a show I’m on called ‘Wrath’ and it’s on FOX Life that’s a big deal and something that was unimaginable a few years ago. Look at the Kenya National Theatre, it’s beautiful. So it’s really good and I’m really glad to be part of the industry right now.

Which do you prefer, stage acting or recorded performances?

That’s a tough question. To be a good actor you must learn to do both. On screen I’d give it 60 per cent and on stage 40 because on screen it’s like all we are doing as actors is conversing, it’s looser. With screen acting you are told less expression is better but on stage you have to amplify your actions and words.

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Your music, could you describe it?

Right now I’m trying to go in an acoustic, RnB kind of way. For now that’s what I’m experimenting with. Twice a week I meet with a producer, we brainstorm ideas, we jam, and that’s basically our jam session. We then try and put something good together.

Are there any artistes you would love to work with?

Yeah, I would love to do a song with Dufla. I think he’s an amazing artiste. His style and my style are completely different but when they are blended I think it would sound great. That’s the beauty of music you can create something new. There’s a Nigerian singer called Ric Hassani who is an incredible singer that I’d love to work with. Nyashinski also, I feel like Klepto’s sound was way before the times and Nyash went away, came back and is still on top. I would love to record with him just to say I did it!

Tell your fans one weird thing that you do

Hmmm, I have been known to let out an occasional air biscuit [our words] under the duvet.

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